How are Your Children Treating You?

Poorly I Suspect

When you think of all the effort you put in raising your children and the kindness that you extended to them, you would rightly expect that wellness be returned to you when your children reach maturity. I did but I really don’t think the process works in reverse; at least that’s my humble observation.

I have come to the conclusion that are children are used to receiving our help but seldom work at returning that wellness to us. I am even prepared to go a little farther and proclaim that our children are more then likely to lower our wellness rather then helping us maintain the wellness we so deservedly deserve from the direction of our children.

Their Used to Receiving and Not Giving

To prove my point observe for a while the behavior of your children toward you. Now be opened minded and truthful are they giving you the kindness you go out of your way to give to them? Now be honest and I think if you do you will proclaim as I have that our children are more inclined to receive then being givers.

So here’s my point it is what it is and thus don’t expect more then they are prepared to give. I guess we created the process and can’t complain when they expect it to continue even thought we are older and more deserving of their help rather then we being the givers.

Don't Expect & You Wont Be Disappointed

So step back and don’t look to your children for the kindness you gave to them because it ant going to happen so don’t complain because they don’t. Just giggle about it and look to other parents like yourself to give you the help you so rightly deserve. My thought and I think I’m right on point.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Michael_L