The Value of A Safety Weight Lift Belt

I Learned the Art of Painting

In my early years I had a job helping this guy paint, which involved mainly painting rental apartments. It was a good job and the gentlemen took a great deal of time explaining the fine art of painting. Of course back then in the dark ages we still used oil base paint. Using this type of paint required more skill, then the latex stuff of today.

Lifted and Hurt My Stomach

Before painting an apartment we would do a lot of preparation, which included moving refrigerators out of their regular place so that we could paint behind them. Some painters only painted what you could see, my boss took pride in what he did and painted it whether you could see it or not. While moving one of these refrigerators I caused a puncture in part of my stomach liner and required surgery to patch it up. My boss contributed into the Workmen’s Compensation System and that paid for my medical bills and also replaced my lost wages while I couldn’t work.

Safety Prevention Wasn't in Yet

Back then safety issues weren’t pushed like they are in present time. Now days you see workers everywhere wearing weight safety belts. The last time I was in Lowe’s all the floor helpers seemed to be wearing belts. I think insurance companies and government regulations are requiring such wearing apparel today, if you’re involved in heavy lifting situations.

It's Worth the Trouble

Now you maybe like a lot of people and say no way I’m not going to all that trouble. Well you know what? It’s worth the trouble in more ways then you realize. Like all injuries there maybe affects that wont crop up till years later and then maybe you don’t realize what caused it and have to pay most or at least part of your expenses out of you pocket and wont be able to recoup your losses.

A Fatal Mistake Cost Him Dearly

I used to meet an acquaintance at this local Pub and we shared war stories, which as the night continued the stories became more unbelievable. He had his own independent moving business and by his own admission never bothered to use anything like weight safety belts. We parted as storytellers because I moved to a different state. Then one day while visiting my previous state I stop at the same beer place and low and behold there was my drinking buddy again. But now he was on the other side of the bar bartending to the needs of storytellers like we used to be. And that wasn’t the only thing that had changed now were both older and partly bruised from making bad decisions. I had a couple issues with my body and one was the slight bulge in my stomach area and an aching right foot once in while because I stepped in a gofer hole while golfing one time and caused a thin hairline fracture in the upper part of my foot. But my injuries paled in comparison to his. Now by story telling buddy was humped over a little like the actor in the movie called the Hunch Back of Notre Dame. He said what will you have? I responded by saying Bud Light and I don’t think our eyes even met. While sitting there curiosity got the best of me and knowing the owner I asked him what happened to Jim? The owner said Jim injured himself by moving a piano by himself one time and has slowly tilted forward every since and ended up the way he is now. I think somewhere in the corner of my brain when I entered the bar I was hoping to run into Jim and share stories but that didn’t happen and I’m sad it didn’t. Jim was a great storyteller but failed to heed the warnings of others and didn’t properly prepare himself when he lifted things.

Good Ahead Put the Item On

Be smart and do the right thing, that’s required to keep yourself healthy, wealthy and wise.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Malingering