Smoking Bad Idea

I Gave Up Smoking

I started smoking when I was nineteen and it only lasted for a short period of time. Then one morning I woke up experiencing the effects of too much of the spirits and the smoke of tobacco. Because of this combined discomfort I decided that one of these two bad habits of mine had to take a hike. That’s when I decided that consumption was more enjoyable then smoking. From that moment on I have never smoked another cigarette. And believe me it surprised me more then anyone else, that it was just that easy. It was kind of like my one and only divorce when I finally realized it was over it never bothered me again. Thought I must confess that stopping to smoke was a snap compared to dealing with my first marriage. Ah but that’s a different story that I might talk about in the future, which might be tomorrow if I need it to make a point.

My Mother had Only One Bad Habit

My Mother God rest her soul had only one bad habit and that was smoking. Oh she picked on me once in awhile; but now being a parent and grandparent I realize that this behavior is what were suppose to be doing to teach our children the rights and wrongs of life as we see it. She said she started smoking to have something to do while Chiefie her favorite name for the love of her life, which fortunately was her one and only husband who enjoyed the taste of Scott & Water. Scott isn’t on my list of favorite things to consume. But out of memory for my favorite Dad I have always maintained a bottle in the closet for those moments when I want to remember and pay respect to him. He was the man along with my Mother who chose me rather then having me. The adoption became final when I was seventeen and I didn’t discover this till I called for help in getting my birth certificate so I could join up doing the Vietnam War. I’m sure that’s fodder for a future article.

Smoked Four to Five Packs daily

Now back to the point at hand. My Mother was a chain smoker and probably smoked four or five packs a day. Dad was somewhere around one pack. Dad spend his last few years struggling to get enough oxygen and Mother never showed any affects of smoking. Her last lung x-ray showed no signs of smoking use. Maybe she found the cure and didn’t know it. For every cigarette she also consumed one cup of coffee, extra sugar and cream. I only mention this for its affect and am not suggesting it’s a real solution to smoking. As far as I’m concerned the only solution is stopping or better yet never start.

Children Imitate Their Parents

Most of my immediate family have shed the burden of smoking and I’m grateful for that. I think on the whole that smoking by a parent encourages the usage by the off spring. I have no evidence to validate this but I do remember a saying of my youth. It went something like this, children imitate what they see.

What Good is Weight Loss if Your Dead

Now smokers are learning that smoking helps keep their food consumption down and that in their thinking justifies their smoking habit.

I Am a Recovering Cancer Person

I know the affects of cancer since I’m recovering from the affects of prostrate cancer and that started three years ago. Today my future looks good for a complete recovery. I thank God and all the skilled people that made it happen for me. While I was taking my treatments I got to talk to many patients like myself and saw directly the affects of what smoking can do to users. Maybe if you’re a smoke user you might want to consider visiting a location where people go for help and talk to them and see if smoking is worth the emotionally and physical pain their experiencing now.


I’m glad I stopped, how about joining me and stop coughing in the morning. You’ll be glad you did.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Pål Berge