The Value of Water

Were Mostly Made of Water

Water is an interesting part of the human experience and it serves us in so many ways. And most of the time we don't give it credit for what it does for us. Many people I know or know about don't seem to value water enough and consequently don’t consume enough of it. I'm sure I drink at the very least five glasses of water everyday. And here's my thinking about water. First and foremost the bodies number one ingredient is water and without it were up a creek so to speak. Every function in the human body use's water in some degree or other. The body also use's water to exit unwanted or processed stuff that the body no longer needs.

Good Body Temperature is Achieved by the Water in Our Body

I've been here at my eldest sons house for the last week and it’s been in the nineties most of the time. When your hot your body lowers its internal temperature by using water to transfer the heat inside your body to the outside and thus keeping your body at an acceptable level so you can continue to live.

Water Should be Your Number One Option

Now when you go out to eat and the waitress asked for your drink selection you might want to consider water as your number one option. Yes all drinks contain water, but here's the kicker water doesn't need much processing by the body to be use, because it's only water and water is what it wants. So give yourself and your body a fast access to what it needs especially when it's hot.

Water Helps You Look Good

If your concerned about how your body looks' water will help you stay younger looking, because if you have enough water in your body all the time your body will allow your entire body to use it and you will look good. Here's how this body stuff works. Your body hums along at maximum efficiency when it has everything it needs and it needs more water then any other one single thing. You should always consume more water then you need' because the body will remove the excess and no harm is done. But if you don't have enough water the body does the negative thing and cuts back on the water to areas that need it less. Like the exterior part of your body which controls how well you look and then your looks and etc start looking less good and in time will really take a turn for the worse and may never return to their best appearance possible for you. And this happened because you failed to consume enough water.

Hardly Ever Does Anyone Drink Too Much Water

Yes you can overdose on water but that would require you drinking large volumes of water at one time and won't give your body the time to process it. And body goes into an over load and if not handled properly at emergency room death is a likely the out come.

Remember Your Mostly Water So Drink It

I know water is less appealing then other things, but always remember its the mostly what you are and that will remind you how important it is to you. That's how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by steakpinball