Swing & Feel Better

Swing and Be Better

My wife in consultation with me purchased a new covered swing for her mother at last years Christmas. Her old swing was still technically functional but showed considerable wear and tear especially where the body rested against it while enjoying the movement and slight air breeze it created.

No Shipping & Handling

We also included as part of our present the assembly of the new swing and departure of the old swing. During this process we realized that the old swing still had good functional life left in it. But it required a new seat configuration. At first we thought about buying outdoor cushions like which we removed that didn’t hold up very well.

Cheap Seat

During assembly of the old swing in our back yard I decided to use used wood decking material left over from our deck restoration project. At first I thought maybe my cheapness was showing and almost decided to return to the original concept for the swing. But during the looking phase of trying to find a proper size cushion etc. I tried the swing and greatly appreciated the comfort it created while using it.

Validated Wood Seat

Then my greatness was confirmed by an independent body of three individuals who just happened to be three of my grand children that to our luck and joy live in the same town we reside in. While visiting us for a family gathering the four of us ended up swinging together and to my enjoyment they all wanted to swing longer and all of us enjoyed the extra ride.

Keep It Simple

Sometimes we forget the simple things of life and one of those things is swinging and feeling the wellness that process does to us. And also don’t forget the benefit of exercise it gives us and it doesn’t require a lot of effort like going to the health club. So swing on and feel better and nothing is better then that.

Don L. Terrill