The Value of Turkey

Brings People Together

Thanks Giving Day is a good day primarily because family’s get together and for a time put down their differences and share the comfort of being close to each other.

The Turkey Was Great

This year my lovely wife took on the task of being the host house and like always the food she prepared made us all feel better thought slightly fuller then usual; I guess that’s why they have more buttons on belts.

Everyone Relaxed

As usual the guys and girls separated slightly. The males were somewhere between enjoying a brew to sharing their thoughts about the games on the picture tube. The ladies enjoyed talking and the time out of not having to be doing the rigors of daily life.

I Enjoyed the Children

The children, who numbered three on this special day, were constantly being pursued by those who would hug and kiss them. A main contributor to this adventure was yours truly.

Everyone Seemed Sleepy

As the day progressed everyone seemed to linger in the twilight of maybe falling asleep. That’s when I realized that maybe turkey could be a useful food in helping me sleep better. Apparently there is an ingredient in turkey that helps people relax and then move closer to the napping concept, which I whole hardly recommend people do every day to help rejuvenate their well being. One of our x presidents Ronald Regain frequently snuck off and indulged in the comfort of a short nap.

Turkey & Maybe Better Sleep

So once again I put together one of my experiments and decided to enjoy a small portion of left over turkey from turkey day just prior to going to bed. And guess what? It did seem to help me find sleep with greater ease for the next few days, till the left over turkey ran out.

Its Worth a Try

I have a hunch that turkey is probably a better choice then using a sleeping pill, so give it a try and if it works pass the thought on and maybe others will also find it a useful sleeping aid. Till later I hope good sleeping finds you.

Don L. Terrill

photo by bcmom