Talk to Yourself & Make It Like Someone Else is Talking to You

Most Relaxing Chair

First go to your favorite place where resting is easiest for you. For me that would be my favorite reclining chair in our living room. And I get myself in the right frame of mind by following a set procedure. First I suggest a routine I learned while taking a self hypnosis course. I say Don you will now count from one to ten and then you will be totally relaxed.

Don You Look Great

Now here’s your goal to talk to yourself in the second person and tell yourself how you feel about yourself. Remember how you feel when someone says something nice to you? Well that’s what your objective is and the good feelings will be your reward for being good to yourself.

Your Choice

The person who is talking to you can be an imaginary person or someone you know. For me I’m inclined to think my wife is talking to me, primarily because it’s not unusual for her to be doing that. But some of the time I just talk to myself and leave it to whatever person comes into my mind or it’s an imaginary person. Go with whatever works for you.

Made Me Feel Better

I used to speak to myself as myself but one day while experimenting, I started out by saying my name like this. Don you are the happiest person I know and things like that. And I discovered by observing how I felt afterwards that it was a more positive influence then saying I’m the happiest person in the world. So I have come to the conclusion by experimentation that having someone else talk to you is a more power tool in improving the quality of my life. I think you will find it works better for you also.

Negative Talking

Life as I’m sure you have observed in is more tilted in being negative to yourself then positive and because of that talking to yourself in the second person is a great boost to your emotional and physical wellness.

Don't You Feel Better When Someone Compliments You?

If you need further evidence of the validity of what I’m suggesting to you, pay attention when some throws you a compliment and observe how better you feel because of it. It may not last long but it works and that’s the goal your looking for assuming your desire is to be a happier person, both in your mind and body.

Compliments Bring Wellness

I wish you good rest while your listening to someone talk to you. Remember your goal is to be a happier person and compliments always help in that pursuit.

Don L. Terrill

photo by tifotter