Physicians Assistant a Good Person to Know

I Purposely Try to See the P.A. Sometimes

Want to get new input on a problem your having with your mind or body? Here’s what I do every once in awhile. I call my family doctor and try to get an appointment with him in a day or two. I make the case that’s its important and I need to see someone right away. Make up a reason like for example I’m feeling depressed that's one of a few I have used in the past. Now here’s what will happen more then likely they will suggest you see a new doctor in the office or a physician’s assistant. My past experience would suggest that the P.A. would be your best choice.

Are Almost Doctors

P.A’s are people who have jumped through most of the hoops to becoming a doctor but stopped for some reason along the way and settled for a P.A. certification. And also they seem to be a little more in touch with the real world and don’t mind sharing that information with you. For example just recently I called my family doctor and was informed he was on vacation. I told them I couldn’t wait because I had bumped my head going in one of my metal sheds and the area was kind of yellow looking. They asked if I would like to see Elizabeth she is my doctors P.A.. They set me up for the following day.

Fixed the Problem With Ease

She suggested a special shampoo which required a prescription. And then made an appointment with a dermatologist and got me quick appointment in three days. Apparently she knew one of the P.A.’s over there and they took me right in. They took a sample and diagnosed me as being ok.

Sometimes Number Two is More on Point

Here’s the point I’m trying to get to. First and foremost P.A.’s at least from my observations have a tendency to spend more time with you and often times generates a quicker solution to the problem and seems to have more influence in getting other doctor appointments. At least that’s been my experience. Sometimes the second person from the top of the food chain has more inter personal contact with patients and through that connection makes things work better.

Quicker Service

So you get in faster, get as good or better service and don’t have to sit in the waiting room like patients waiting to see the person with the diploma. Food for thought. It really works for me, so take a chance and give it a try.

Don L. Terrill

photo by _sarchi