Its All About Understanding

It Isn’t About What You Know Its About What You Understand

I used to think that having a lot of stuff in my mind was the most important aspect of the human experience. I’m not sure why I felt that way, primarily because knowing things hasn’t been the biggest priority in my life. In other words I’m not the person to come to, to find out information about how to get somewhere or what is someone’s name that I meet once in awhile.

It Started in My Childhood

I think this failure to know things stems from my childhood and has pretty much followed me through my life. This is by no means an excuse but my childhood was pretty much left to my own resources because I lacked guidance from my parents who chose to not participate in my up bringing. So no one was there to encourage me to learn and because of that I thought myself less valuable then other kids. So at least in my younger years I avoided participation in the world because I didn’t feel comfortable not knowing the answers to the many questions that people would throw at me. So I lived in my fantasy world and climbed trees and fought the villains of the world by being king Arthur of the Round Table.

All Things Are Possible in Your Mind

Today’s thinking is that fantasy is a good thing, because it helps us play out things in our mind and that gives us the ability to explore the endless thoughts of the universe and become or do whatever we want to do. It’s like in fantasy thinking all things are possible and no one is standing there saying that’s not possible. For us to be alive seems an impossibility thing to me. In other words how did the world come to be? I mean the universe couldn’t just be from nothing could it. In other words shouldn’t there be a beginning somewhere and isn’t that faulty thinking? Because how can something come to pass from nothing. Sometimes when I think this way I start to feel I might disappear if I continue thinking that way because maybe I’m not really here.

Feel Better Spend Less

So getting back on point I know longer feel less of a person because I don’t know the answer to something, because now I really know my value is judged by my ability to understand things better. And understanding things better makes me a happier person and that makes me a healthier person. Consequently I’m spending less on my medical needs and more on the joys of life. And what could be better then that? My thought for the day, whats yours?

Don L. Terrill

photo by A.M. Kuchling