Depression is Unhealthy

Depression Moves in When Learning Slows Down

Depression is in part the result of not utilizing the human mind to its higher level of participation. The mind is a living entity and because of that needs active involvement in the human experience. To do other wise is to run the risk that it will slowly down grade itself and the results will not be of value to the person living in the brain.

The Mind Likes Challenges

Many years ago a wise doctor gave me advise to live by. During a routine visit to him I slightly dropped the hint that emotional wellness sometimes evaded me. His response was give your mind something to do all the time. Then unfortunately it didn’t muster a change in my daily behavior. But I’m glad to report that’s its now crystal clear to me. There’s an old saying that if you don’t use it you will loose it. We guess what? That thought is right on point.

The Mind Produces When We Produce

It’s a shame when knowledge sits on our shoulder and constantly shouts get busy and let your mind be all that it can be. I think we fail to understand that were a guest in the house and the real doer of the work is our brain. We push the buttons but its does all the leg work. If we get lazy and don’t demand it work hard it will slowly degrade itself and mimic exactly what we do by observing our behavior. And then it slowly shuts down and little progress is achieved because we don’t demand much help from it.

I Know I'm Right

Now I have no real proof of what I’m talking about but my gut feeling is that I’m in the ball park and what I’m saying has as far as I’m concerned has real validity in what I’m suggesting to you.

Good Health Requires Activity

So for all kinds of reasons and depression is one of them keeping are brain busy doing constructive thinking is totally good for us. So take it from some one who knows of what he speaks. Keep your mind working and a healthy mind and body will be your reward. My thought for the day.

Don L. Terrill

photo by joelcgarcia