Depression is Unhealthy

Depression Moves in When Learning Slows Down

Depression is in part the result of not utilizing the human mind to its higher level of participation. The mind is a living entity and because of that needs active involvement in the human experience. To do other wise is to run the risk that it will slowly down grade itself and the results will not be of value to the person living in the brain.

The Mind Likes Challenges

Many years ago a wise doctor gave me advise to live by. During a routine visit to him I slightly dropped the hint that emotional wellness sometimes evaded me. His response was give your mind something to do all the time. Then unfortunately it didn’t muster a change in my daily behavior. But I’m glad to report that’s its now crystal clear to me. There’s an old saying that if you don’t use it you will loose it. We guess what? That thought is right on point.

The Mind Produces When We Produce

It’s a shame when knowledge sits on our shoulder and constantly shouts get busy and let your mind be all that it can be. I think we fail to understand that were a guest in the house and the real doer of the work is our brain. We push the buttons but its does all the leg work. If we get lazy and don’t demand it work hard it will slowly degrade itself and mimic exactly what we do by observing our behavior. And then it slowly shuts down and little progress is achieved because we don’t demand much help from it.

I Know I'm Right

Now I have no real proof of what I’m talking about but my gut feeling is that I’m in the ball park and what I’m saying has as far as I’m concerned has real validity in what I’m suggesting to you.

Good Health Requires Activity

So for all kinds of reasons and depression is one of them keeping are brain busy doing constructive thinking is totally good for us. So take it from some one who knows of what he speaks. Keep your mind working and a healthy mind and body will be your reward. My thought for the day.

Don L. Terrill

photo by joelcgarcia


Its All About Understanding

It Isn’t About What You Know Its About What You Understand

I used to think that having a lot of stuff in my mind was the most important aspect of the human experience. I’m not sure why I felt that way, primarily because knowing things hasn’t been the biggest priority in my life. In other words I’m not the person to come to, to find out information about how to get somewhere or what is someone’s name that I meet once in awhile.

It Started in My Childhood

I think this failure to know things stems from my childhood and has pretty much followed me through my life. This is by no means an excuse but my childhood was pretty much left to my own resources because I lacked guidance from my parents who chose to not participate in my up bringing. So no one was there to encourage me to learn and because of that I thought myself less valuable then other kids. So at least in my younger years I avoided participation in the world because I didn’t feel comfortable not knowing the answers to the many questions that people would throw at me. So I lived in my fantasy world and climbed trees and fought the villains of the world by being king Arthur of the Round Table.

All Things Are Possible in Your Mind

Today’s thinking is that fantasy is a good thing, because it helps us play out things in our mind and that gives us the ability to explore the endless thoughts of the universe and become or do whatever we want to do. It’s like in fantasy thinking all things are possible and no one is standing there saying that’s not possible. For us to be alive seems an impossibility thing to me. In other words how did the world come to be? I mean the universe couldn’t just be from nothing could it. In other words shouldn’t there be a beginning somewhere and isn’t that faulty thinking? Because how can something come to pass from nothing. Sometimes when I think this way I start to feel I might disappear if I continue thinking that way because maybe I’m not really here.

Feel Better Spend Less

So getting back on point I know longer feel less of a person because I don’t know the answer to something, because now I really know my value is judged by my ability to understand things better. And understanding things better makes me a happier person and that makes me a healthier person. Consequently I’m spending less on my medical needs and more on the joys of life. And what could be better then that? My thought for the day, whats yours?

Don L. Terrill

photo by A.M. Kuchling


Talk to Yourself & Make It Like Someone Else is Talking to You

Most Relaxing Chair

First go to your favorite place where resting is easiest for you. For me that would be my favorite reclining chair in our living room. And I get myself in the right frame of mind by following a set procedure. First I suggest a routine I learned while taking a self hypnosis course. I say Don you will now count from one to ten and then you will be totally relaxed.

Don You Look Great

Now here’s your goal to talk to yourself in the second person and tell yourself how you feel about yourself. Remember how you feel when someone says something nice to you? Well that’s what your objective is and the good feelings will be your reward for being good to yourself.

Your Choice

The person who is talking to you can be an imaginary person or someone you know. For me I’m inclined to think my wife is talking to me, primarily because it’s not unusual for her to be doing that. But some of the time I just talk to myself and leave it to whatever person comes into my mind or it’s an imaginary person. Go with whatever works for you.

Made Me Feel Better

I used to speak to myself as myself but one day while experimenting, I started out by saying my name like this. Don you are the happiest person I know and things like that. And I discovered by observing how I felt afterwards that it was a more positive influence then saying I’m the happiest person in the world. So I have come to the conclusion by experimentation that having someone else talk to you is a more power tool in improving the quality of my life. I think you will find it works better for you also.

Negative Talking

Life as I’m sure you have observed in is more tilted in being negative to yourself then positive and because of that talking to yourself in the second person is a great boost to your emotional and physical wellness.

Don't You Feel Better When Someone Compliments You?

If you need further evidence of the validity of what I’m suggesting to you, pay attention when some throws you a compliment and observe how better you feel because of it. It may not last long but it works and that’s the goal your looking for assuming your desire is to be a happier person, both in your mind and body.

Compliments Bring Wellness

I wish you good rest while your listening to someone talk to you. Remember your goal is to be a happier person and compliments always help in that pursuit.

Don L. Terrill

photo by tifotter


Physicians Assistant a Good Person to Know

I Purposely Try to See the P.A. Sometimes

Want to get new input on a problem your having with your mind or body? Here’s what I do every once in awhile. I call my family doctor and try to get an appointment with him in a day or two. I make the case that’s its important and I need to see someone right away. Make up a reason like for example I’m feeling depressed that's one of a few I have used in the past. Now here’s what will happen more then likely they will suggest you see a new doctor in the office or a physician’s assistant. My past experience would suggest that the P.A. would be your best choice.

Are Almost Doctors

P.A’s are people who have jumped through most of the hoops to becoming a doctor but stopped for some reason along the way and settled for a P.A. certification. And also they seem to be a little more in touch with the real world and don’t mind sharing that information with you. For example just recently I called my family doctor and was informed he was on vacation. I told them I couldn’t wait because I had bumped my head going in one of my metal sheds and the area was kind of yellow looking. They asked if I would like to see Elizabeth she is my doctors P.A.. They set me up for the following day.

Fixed the Problem With Ease

She suggested a special shampoo which required a prescription. And then made an appointment with a dermatologist and got me quick appointment in three days. Apparently she knew one of the P.A.’s over there and they took me right in. They took a sample and diagnosed me as being ok.

Sometimes Number Two is More on Point

Here’s the point I’m trying to get to. First and foremost P.A.’s at least from my observations have a tendency to spend more time with you and often times generates a quicker solution to the problem and seems to have more influence in getting other doctor appointments. At least that’s been my experience. Sometimes the second person from the top of the food chain has more inter personal contact with patients and through that connection makes things work better.

Quicker Service

So you get in faster, get as good or better service and don’t have to sit in the waiting room like patients waiting to see the person with the diploma. Food for thought. It really works for me, so take a chance and give it a try.

Don L. Terrill

photo by _sarchi