Take Care of Your Feet

Are Your Feet Hurting?

I don’t wear socks because my feet feel better without them. My socks almost always seem to slightly punch up around my toe area and causes me discomfort. And I can’t begin to tell you how many different kinds of socks I have tried to solve the problem. I even tried wearing girl socks and at first it worked but slowly it punched up and I was disappointed again. But out of desperation I tried wearing nothing and to my amazement it worked great. Sure I would like to be wearing socks in my tennis shoes but going without works out better for me.

Difficulty Walking

I remember one of my first few jobs I had and was working for a die cast company. My first position was working with a man sanding covers for Whirlpool Washing machines. The first thing I noticed about my work companion was he had difficulty walking all the time. And the shoes he wore looked horrible uncomfortable on his feet. One shoe sole slanted to the left and the other shoe to the right. That probably explained why he walked with difficulty.

Not Your Concern

I wanted to suggest to him to seek the help of a foot doctor, but I dropped the idea when a newer worker then myself offered up the idea to him only to be told to mind his own business and I did.


I think we all have body part difficulties and mine are my feet. And the feet thing would come and go. Then recently it didn’t matter what kind of sock I wore they all bunched up under my toe and it was very uncomfortable for me to walk.

Get Help

So if you have a foot problem don’t continue to endure seek out the help of a foot specialist and try to resolve the problem. If necessary wear different shoes hopefully you will find something that will work for you. If you don’t it may get worse and then maybe it will become permanent and then your stuck with it.

My Cure

Walking sock less is my remedy and that’s my cure. I hope for you sake your taking your feet serious because there the only pair you have. My thought live, love and be happy.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Etereal9