Launch Your Wellness Everyday


I think like all people I have my days when I don’t wish to shave, brush my teeth or dress proper. When this behavior happens to me my production rate drops almost to zero and nothing in my life seems to work correctly. Now don’t get me wrong I think we all should have down days and only do those things that work for us. But even on those days we need to enter each new day with sense of freshness; not unlike a good breath of fresh air.

For Myself the following Dos are everyday Good Things for Me to do.

1. Brush Teeth
2. Shower
3. Shave
4. Self Hypnosis
5. Talking Positive Thoughts to the Mirror
6. Stretching
7. Water and food in small quantities all day

My Daily routine

These are what I consider my basics everyday. Doing these things daily give me that little edge I need to do the things I want to do. Sound too simple? Not to me. These functions help keep me in good working order and that’s the order I like best.

Try a Wellness Plan

Take my advice and develop you own daily plan for being in the best emotional shape of your life. I’m not perfect, but I do enjoy being happy and these items help me stay in that frame of mind. So how’s your mind working? Maybe a plan of wellness would work well for you. May the force of wellness be with you.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Nathan Borror