Forgive Everyone Including Yourself

See Your Negative Thoughts & Down Grade Them

We all travel through life and carry the burdens of our thinking. How and where these thoughts come from are sometimes hard to find. All we know is that there floating around in our head and sometimes they drive us up the wall because they wont leave us alone.

Lost My Parents

Allow me to share one on mine with you. A number of years ago I experienced the loss of my Mother and Father. I Loved then both dearly and often think on them and for a moment and think them still alive and look forward to seeing them soon. Then reality jumps in and I realize there gone and that’s a moment of unhappiness for me.

Dreams That Scared Me

Then one day I started having these dreams that were real as real could be and I wandered from one place to another looking for something and during this dreaming I sensed the presence of my Mother in my dreams but I couldn’t find her. And the whole process gave me a great feeling of loss and it partly scared me.

Sought Help to Understand the Dream

Then wishing to understand more I sought the help of a medical person who helped people like myself help myself and through that path of reasoning I came to conclusion that closure with my Mother was necessary for me to move on and live my life with wellness in the fore front of my thinking.

About Closure

The doctor helped me see that recognizing the dream and understanding it was my passage back to the world of peace and wellness. Its funny what hangs around in our head and just needs a little thinking applied to it to give it the dream a chance to find closure and in the process we the dreamers can move on and find the sunlight and the knowledge that peace comes to the mind when understanding something is given the chance to see the day of light. My parents and I are at peace and that stopped the bad dreaming.

Your dreams are your mind trying to find closure and closure is good for all of us.

Don L. Terrill

photo by DerrickT