Crying Releases the Emotional Pressure


Some view this body activity as a weakness; nothing could be further from the truth. Crying is your minds way of releasing emotional issues that the mind can’t seem to resolve at that particular time. The mind like all aspects of the human body is a masterful entity capable of doing incredible things for the master of the house. But sometimes its get so consumed it uses a natural release process which is crying to calm things down and then gives the mind an other opportunity to repair or cure what ails you.

Hot Water Heater

The mind in regard to this issue is like a hot water heater; where by the water heater heats the water and then allows the water to flow through the pipes and deliver hot water for your needs like washing your clothes. The hot water heater has a safety valve built into its system which when the water gets to hot the valve opens and the heat is released. If this condition persists an electrical breaker will trip and the electricity will be cut off to the heater.

Crying Releases the Emotional Stress

Your brain has a built in safety valve too and crying is one way your brain can release the stress it’s experiencing so you can resume a normal life again. Should crying become chronic then emotional help will be required to bring your life back to wellness.

Leave the Bottle Empty

So if you feel the need to cry may I suggest you do so, so the pressure can be released and emotional wellness will reign again. Emotions are too important to be bottled up and left to harm you in the future. So cry on and this will help keep your doctor visits down. This will of course make you feel better and also keep your money in your pocket where it best serves you and not your doctor. So cry because it helps and it’s a natural thing to do.

Don L. Terrill

photo by xctmx