Cat Naps are Always in Order


In this world of fast pace activities I think we lose sight of an adventure that brings wellness to our entire body. They say that Ronald Reagan one of our greatest presidents frequently would sneak off and enjoy the need of a little shuteye. And he never found a reason to apologize for it. Even when times were fearful he never stopped taking time for finding peace in his favorite lounge chair.

A Good Lesson to Learn

I think that maybe we should take a lesson from our X President and find daily time for the fine art of finding time to rest and find comfort in the quietness of not thinking for a short period of time.

Make Time

Time has become so important and getting what we want and think we need takes precedence over almost everything in our life. Even our love mate and children often get second place to the fast pace of today’s life. And this is the number one reason for stopping and viewing what were doing and find time for napping, because naps lead us thoughts that show us pictures of those we love.

The Art of Napping

I had a friend who could find napping at the drop of a hat. We would be talking and the next moment silence would indicate that the sand man had drifted in and showered my friend with the wellness of resting sometimes just for minutes and then he would returned renewed with new thoughts to ponder. I always wished I could slip out like that.

The Value of Trying

Today I at least if sleep evades me find the time for silence in my favorite chair and some sense of wellness find time to visit me while I rest.

Love Loves Napping

Nothing in life should stall this rest unless there one of those special people you love. Love always has priority over the earthly things of this world. May love and napping be frequent things for you to enjoy.

Don L. Terrill

photo by yngrich