Cat Naps are Always in Order


In this world of fast pace activities I think we lose sight of an adventure that brings wellness to our entire body. They say that Ronald Reagan one of our greatest presidents frequently would sneak off and enjoy the need of a little shuteye. And he never found a reason to apologize for it. Even when times were fearful he never stopped taking time for finding peace in his favorite lounge chair.

A Good Lesson to Learn

I think that maybe we should take a lesson from our X President and find daily time for the fine art of finding time to rest and find comfort in the quietness of not thinking for a short period of time.

Make Time

Time has become so important and getting what we want and think we need takes precedence over almost everything in our life. Even our love mate and children often get second place to the fast pace of today’s life. And this is the number one reason for stopping and viewing what were doing and find time for napping, because naps lead us thoughts that show us pictures of those we love.

The Art of Napping

I had a friend who could find napping at the drop of a hat. We would be talking and the next moment silence would indicate that the sand man had drifted in and showered my friend with the wellness of resting sometimes just for minutes and then he would returned renewed with new thoughts to ponder. I always wished I could slip out like that.

The Value of Trying

Today I at least if sleep evades me find the time for silence in my favorite chair and some sense of wellness find time to visit me while I rest.

Love Loves Napping

Nothing in life should stall this rest unless there one of those special people you love. Love always has priority over the earthly things of this world. May love and napping be frequent things for you to enjoy.

Don L. Terrill

photo by yngrich


Take Care of Your Feet

Are Your Feet Hurting?

I don’t wear socks because my feet feel better without them. My socks almost always seem to slightly punch up around my toe area and causes me discomfort. And I can’t begin to tell you how many different kinds of socks I have tried to solve the problem. I even tried wearing girl socks and at first it worked but slowly it punched up and I was disappointed again. But out of desperation I tried wearing nothing and to my amazement it worked great. Sure I would like to be wearing socks in my tennis shoes but going without works out better for me.

Difficulty Walking

I remember one of my first few jobs I had and was working for a die cast company. My first position was working with a man sanding covers for Whirlpool Washing machines. The first thing I noticed about my work companion was he had difficulty walking all the time. And the shoes he wore looked horrible uncomfortable on his feet. One shoe sole slanted to the left and the other shoe to the right. That probably explained why he walked with difficulty.

Not Your Concern

I wanted to suggest to him to seek the help of a foot doctor, but I dropped the idea when a newer worker then myself offered up the idea to him only to be told to mind his own business and I did.


I think we all have body part difficulties and mine are my feet. And the feet thing would come and go. Then recently it didn’t matter what kind of sock I wore they all bunched up under my toe and it was very uncomfortable for me to walk.

Get Help

So if you have a foot problem don’t continue to endure seek out the help of a foot specialist and try to resolve the problem. If necessary wear different shoes hopefully you will find something that will work for you. If you don’t it may get worse and then maybe it will become permanent and then your stuck with it.

My Cure

Walking sock less is my remedy and that’s my cure. I hope for you sake your taking your feet serious because there the only pair you have. My thought live, love and be happy.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Etereal9


Launch Your Wellness Everyday


I think like all people I have my days when I don’t wish to shave, brush my teeth or dress proper. When this behavior happens to me my production rate drops almost to zero and nothing in my life seems to work correctly. Now don’t get me wrong I think we all should have down days and only do those things that work for us. But even on those days we need to enter each new day with sense of freshness; not unlike a good breath of fresh air.

For Myself the following Dos are everyday Good Things for Me to do.

1. Brush Teeth
2. Shower
3. Shave
4. Self Hypnosis
5. Talking Positive Thoughts to the Mirror
6. Stretching
7. Water and food in small quantities all day

My Daily routine

These are what I consider my basics everyday. Doing these things daily give me that little edge I need to do the things I want to do. Sound too simple? Not to me. These functions help keep me in good working order and that’s the order I like best.

Try a Wellness Plan

Take my advice and develop you own daily plan for being in the best emotional shape of your life. I’m not perfect, but I do enjoy being happy and these items help me stay in that frame of mind. So how’s your mind working? Maybe a plan of wellness would work well for you. May the force of wellness be with you.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Nathan Borror

Crying Releases the Emotional Pressure


Some view this body activity as a weakness; nothing could be further from the truth. Crying is your minds way of releasing emotional issues that the mind can’t seem to resolve at that particular time. The mind like all aspects of the human body is a masterful entity capable of doing incredible things for the master of the house. But sometimes its get so consumed it uses a natural release process which is crying to calm things down and then gives the mind an other opportunity to repair or cure what ails you.

Hot Water Heater

The mind in regard to this issue is like a hot water heater; where by the water heater heats the water and then allows the water to flow through the pipes and deliver hot water for your needs like washing your clothes. The hot water heater has a safety valve built into its system which when the water gets to hot the valve opens and the heat is released. If this condition persists an electrical breaker will trip and the electricity will be cut off to the heater.

Crying Releases the Emotional Stress

Your brain has a built in safety valve too and crying is one way your brain can release the stress it’s experiencing so you can resume a normal life again. Should crying become chronic then emotional help will be required to bring your life back to wellness.

Leave the Bottle Empty

So if you feel the need to cry may I suggest you do so, so the pressure can be released and emotional wellness will reign again. Emotions are too important to be bottled up and left to harm you in the future. So cry on and this will help keep your doctor visits down. This will of course make you feel better and also keep your money in your pocket where it best serves you and not your doctor. So cry because it helps and it’s a natural thing to do.

Don L. Terrill

photo by xctmx


Forgive Everyone Including Yourself

See Your Negative Thoughts & Down Grade Them

We all travel through life and carry the burdens of our thinking. How and where these thoughts come from are sometimes hard to find. All we know is that there floating around in our head and sometimes they drive us up the wall because they wont leave us alone.

Lost My Parents

Allow me to share one on mine with you. A number of years ago I experienced the loss of my Mother and Father. I Loved then both dearly and often think on them and for a moment and think them still alive and look forward to seeing them soon. Then reality jumps in and I realize there gone and that’s a moment of unhappiness for me.

Dreams That Scared Me

Then one day I started having these dreams that were real as real could be and I wandered from one place to another looking for something and during this dreaming I sensed the presence of my Mother in my dreams but I couldn’t find her. And the whole process gave me a great feeling of loss and it partly scared me.

Sought Help to Understand the Dream

Then wishing to understand more I sought the help of a medical person who helped people like myself help myself and through that path of reasoning I came to conclusion that closure with my Mother was necessary for me to move on and live my life with wellness in the fore front of my thinking.

About Closure

The doctor helped me see that recognizing the dream and understanding it was my passage back to the world of peace and wellness. Its funny what hangs around in our head and just needs a little thinking applied to it to give it the dream a chance to find closure and in the process we the dreamers can move on and find the sunlight and the knowledge that peace comes to the mind when understanding something is given the chance to see the day of light. My parents and I are at peace and that stopped the bad dreaming.

Your dreams are your mind trying to find closure and closure is good for all of us.

Don L. Terrill

photo by DerrickT