Save $$$$ on Medical Costs by Soaking in the Sun Light

The Sun if used Improperly can lead to a Deadly Conclusion.

My Mind needs the Sun more then my Body does

I love getting a tan as much as the next person, but I have come to the conclusion that my mind needs the sun more then my body does.

Tanned bodies make us look and feel better

Sure having a tan does makes us feel better when we look in the mirror and of course we take pride when people notice our transformation from blandness to tan ness and that makes us feel good. And feeling good is a good thing.

But Tanning the body has a downside

And here’s the downside like everything else in life we have a human tendency to over do everything and that includes tanning. When that happens are skin sometimes develops oddities and that interferes with our wellness. It’s kind of like when one drink of alcohol makes us feel better so we take another to feel even better and end up hugging the toilet stool before the night is over. And those like myself know the folly of that experience.

The True Value of the Sun

I think I have discovered the true value of the Sun in a way that it will always help us and never hurt us. And overdosing like using too many drugs is not a problem with the sun when used properly.

It’s not the Sun Rays that are important; it’s the Light that the Sun Produces

Sitting under the umbrella and enjoying the Sun Light is a huge boost to the emotional wellness of Human Beings. If you doubt what I’m saying try sitting under the umbrella while the darkness of night is around you? I’m sure you’ll notice the difference and look forward to seeing the sun when it returns.

A Sun Meter would be Helpful

People are flocking to their Doctors to solve their physical and emotional problems that are in part being created by the failure of patients to soak in enough sunlight. It’s a shame someone doesn’t invent a sunlight meter that will act like a blood pressure device and determine the level of our sunlight. It could be like the fuel gauge in our car and buzz or blink when were low on sunlight. And then when low all we’ve have to do is look at the sunlight and regain our wellness.

An Its Free

The only thing required is to open your eyes and soak in the wellness.

Don L. Terrill

photo by mmcdonnell