Save Money by Exercising

Stop throwing your Money away on Fancy Machines

I think this is one of the smartest things you can do for yourself every day of your life. Yet it seems to be one of the hardest good habits to develop. And its not because we don’t throw enough money at it because we do. Exercising clubs and programs are jumping up all over the place and each promise to lower your mass and create the sexiest body you have ever had.

Exercise wont work unless you do it

But like all endeavors they’re not going to work if you don’t do them. Hopefully someone someday will develop an exercising plan that will work while were sleeping and that will be mans greatest gifts to itself. Well who knows? I believe all things are possible that means the sleeping exercising is waiting to be discovered.

Create exercises that you like and will do

Here is one truth that I have learned thru my experience and observation. An exercise only works if you’ll do it, so pick exercises that you will do and then you’ll be on the right course.

Pick Routines Your already doing

Pick things that your doing in your life, that will produce exercise for you and yet will still serve a purpose of some sort. Like the following things could be considered an exercise of some sort.

Push mow the lawn rather then ridding the mower
  1. Set up your ladder so you can climb up and down. Like when you trim the trees or clean the eves
  2. Order a few yards of good black dirt. Then get two buckets and fill with dirt and carry around the yard and spread around and then rake evenly. Starting at the outer edges and working toward he center of the yard.
  3. Shoot a Basket and then throw the basketball and then go get it and run back and hoop shoot again and repeat etc.
  4. Hang a robe from a limb put three knots in it and climb up and down. Pretend your in boot camp
Create exercises you will do and that’s exercises that will work for you

The Simpler the Better

I’m sure you get my drift now. You don’t need fancy equipment to create an exercise routine and it wont cost you an arm and leg to have and probably wont use.

The Key is your Imagination

Use you imagination and let that be the guide that creates exercises that produce fun things that you will do.

Remember Climbing Trees?

Bring back the days of your youth when climbing trees was part of your exercise and then it wasn’t work, it was just fun.

So have fun, find your youth and save by lowering your medical expenses. That’s a plan to a happy life and wonderful rewards; like rolling on the ground with your Grand Children.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Tom@HK