Lower Your Medical Costs by giving your extra bedroom to a medical student or intern for Free

Reasons why you might want to consider this?

  1. Will give you someone to talk to about your medical situations
  2. Will lower your medical expenses by getting free advise and assistance
  3. Will aid you in case of an emergency
  4. Will help advise you on what not to eat
  5. Will help you by suggesting the right medicine for what ails you
Caution considerations before choosing someone
  1. Require References and check them
  2. Do a Police check if you can
  3. Set up clear house rules and sign a rental agreement that will specify reasons for evicting your care giver
  4. Go with what your gut feelings are telling you when selecting a candidate
I have seen many people lose their ability to work and because of that find themselves in poor financial condition. And most of the time it had nothing to do with how they lived their life. One had a heart attack and another fell down two flights of stairs and ended up losing her ability to walk.

Most People don’t have a Fall Back Plan

They like most of us didn’t have a cushion to fall back on and because of that they had to swallow their pride and ask for help anywhere they could. Contrary to what many people think getting a helping hand doesn’t fill all the needs, needy people need. Sometimes ingenuity is required.

For many years I supervised a Senior Highrise Facility and viewed the problems that life throws at people and how they with creative thinking dealt with their issues. And sometimes having someone move in with them was one of the options they tried to use to lower the threshold of difficulty they were experiencing.

Here’s an example of what one tenant did, she had her daughter move in with her.

The tenant had a daughter who was going thru the difficulties of a painful divorce and like her Mother she needed financial help. They both came to my office and explained their situations and asked if it would be ok for both of them to live in the one apartment. I said yes even thought it was a one bedroom. The rules allowed this if the persons in question were blood relatives.

Tenant got a Care Giver and didn’t pay a Dime for it

Tenants who lived in this Public Housing Facility were required to pay thirty percent of their income after medical deductions as their rent requirement. Since her daughter was going back to school under a special program she had no real income and thus didn’t pay any rent. The rental arrangement worked out well for both of them and in time they were allowed to move to a two bedroom and thus have their own bedroom.

Creative Thinking seldom Fails to produce Positive Results

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it. Many people think there doomed with their situation and can’t do anything about it? And that is seldom the truth. Most situations have options available to them and it just takes a little movement on your part to make things better for yourself. The only obstacle you cant over come is dying. If that isn’t your case then hope is just around the corner.

Don L. Terrill

photo by greggoconnell