Little Sleep = Higher Medical Costs

Sleeping Stops being a Problem when you Stop Thinking about it

Sleeping is on the top list of things that really bother us humans. We as a society have tried everything short of using a bullet to help us sleep at night. And here we are still at the beginning of trying to understand this very annoying habit we develop. As children we just hop in bed and then the sand man stops by and sleep is achieved. Apparently the sand man only works on the younger folks and avoids the elders.

My Issure is with How Long I Sleep

I generally don’t have a problem falling asleep but do have an issue with how long I sleep. Sometimes I’m up at five AM and the eyelids won't slam shut.

Alcohol & Wine aid Sleeping?

Alcohol in the form of wine and pills prescribed by my favorite doctor used to be my way of finding sleep when sleep was eluding me. But then those two choices developed side effects that were far worse then getting a full nights rest.

Alcohol is good in moderation

If I would stick strictly to the plan and have just one, one half glass of wine all things would be ok and sleep generally followed soon there after. But like all things we like I started enjoying it more then I should and too much reversed the good affects and created a bad morning to face everyday.

One Pill and sleep all night

Sounds good in theory but sucks in reality. I love the ads on tv, which slightly explain that dependency might be a problem with prolonged use. Guess what they’re not kidding about that. When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer I had to take radiation treatments and take a magical injection every three months. These two events terminated any regular sleep I tried to get at night. I told my doctor and he suggested sleeping pills and I took them fourteen days straight and all was well in sleep land till my doctor suggested I not take them all the time. I stopped and the boggy man in my brain took over and fear filled my dreams while I tried to sleep, in time it went away and so did the pills. I would rather sleep badly then endure those dreadful experiences from sleeping bill withdrawal.

Here’s the best approach to sleeping better

Forget you have a problem and go about you business and don’t give it another thought. My testing has proved to me that thinking about something that bothers you will only make it worse. It’s like lighting a fire and then decide you want to stop it. But rather then stopping it you just keep adding wood to the fire. In other words stop thinking about something and it will slowly like the fire go out and then wellness will return in the form of a good nights sleep.

Don L. Terrill

photo by yngrich