Less Medical Costs When Hospice Helps

Hospice Aids a Person with their Dying

Hospice was created in Medieval Times and means a place of shelter for the sick on long journeys.

Today Hospice cares for people who are sick and on the last journey of their life.

Before providing care hospice teams evaluate a persons situation and determine how they may best provide service to the patient in question. There goal is to provide emotional, physical and spiritual care in the hope of making the patient pain free and comfortable as they can. Patient’s family is encouraged to participate and offer their support in ways that work for them.

Hospice Helped People that Helped Me

Hospice has helped numerous people who have made my journey in life more pleasant. Most of these people from my past chose to spend the last time on earth in their home, because that worked for them.

One Lady I met didn’t have a Choice

She was found by a friend of mine sleeping in the stairwell of his apartment house. She was homeless, had no family and looked like death warmed over. But Dick my friend who like me grew up without the joy of parents; decided to adopt her and proclaimed to all she was his Mother. I knew it wasn’t true, but many brought his story and offered him help in dealing with his Mothers medical needs.

In Time Dick needed Help and Hospice Stepped In

At first she lived with him in his two-bedroom apartment; then special needs were required and Dick moved her to the hospital in their long term care facility.

In a matter of months this adopted Mother gathered a whole new family to take care for her. These newly acquired family members probably numbered twenty of so members.

She was officially called Mom

When Dick adopted her he started right off calling her Mom and the rest of us called her Grams. I heard one of her caregivers call her that and then it became her official name.

Doctors gave her two months to Live

But time wasn’t working out for her. Her attending doctors all agreed that she at best only had two months to live and that was their optimistic observation. But living on the streets and drinking anything she could to soften the pain only aided to her failing health.

Finally even with the loving care of her new family and all the care from Hospice Volunteers she finally closed her eyes and stopped breathing.

Her Tombstone read Here lies a Good Mother

Everyone including her new son were there at the grave sight to say goodbye and many tears were shed. Dick took it hard but recovered by finding love and raising a family.

One of her new family members donated the grave sight and the rest donated to the head stone. She may have not lived a happy life but she certainly died a happier person.

Don L. Terrill

photo by JBaker071