Less Hunger, less Medical Expenses

Eating Breakfast is not a Good Idea

All my life I’ve heard the rules regarding eating a good healthy breakfast and guess what it doesn’t work for me.

Breakfast Activates my Taste Buds

When I eat breakfast that activates my taste buds and then I spend the rest of the day opening and closing the refrigerator door. And when the Frig Door opens so does my mouth and then by body mass increases. And you know what I’m getting sick and tired of carrying all this unnecessary weight, which I wish I could transfer to my first wife. I know that’s probably a Fraudian Slip and doesn’t speak well of me. But I’m sure she would be tickled to send her extra fat to me, that’s if she has any.

Hunger continues till Dinner Time

For the last two weeks I’ve been doing a clinical test concerning my theory about the Breakfast thing. Everyday I eat breakfast I experience hunger for the rest of the day and it doesn’t seem to subside till after I eat dinner in the evening.

Now I know this theory of mine runs amok with normal thinking on this subject but that’s the findings of my experiment and I’m standing behind my results. Give it a try for a week and see how it works out for you.

When you first get up in the Morning Eat Something

Then the next day don’t eat breakfast and go back and forth for a week or so and keep track of your eating urges. Ill bet an old pair of my favorite shoes that you’d get the same results that I did. You’ll find yourself hungrier during the day when you eat breakfast, then when you don’t.

Eat less and live longer

When the body gets too much food it converts it to fat and the more fat we contain the harder our heart has to work and the closer we come to having a short life on this earth.

You Must Eat a Good Breakfast

Someone somewhere started this requirement and eventually the rest of us just bought into the thinking and then just passed it on from one generation to another. And somewhere along the way it became the Gospel and that’s how things get started sometimes. They begin with no truth and become truths because we believe them to be so.

No Breakfast is Working Great for Me

I’m now enjoying the second day of the rest of my life not eating breakfast and guess what I’m not feeling that hungry urge anymore and I’m feeling a whole lot better. I feel less full and feel happier about my life.

Eating Breakfast isn’t a Must, at least not for me

I’m starting to question other things in my life in the hope of finding more Baloney like the Breakfast Thing.

Since I’m not being as hungry, I’m not eating as much and that means less medical expenses for me. And also Ill be saving money on my grocery bills as well.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Travis Hornung