Healthcare Costs go up when you Slip

A Step can be your Down Fall

Do you know what the number one reason why people hurt themselves? They fall. You’d think, as we get older we would get better at walking, that apparently isn’t reality
according to the stats.

She wasn’t paying attention

I once opened an elevator door and a lady fell out and nearly knocked me over. She excused her behavior by saying I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing. And that is the problem in a nutshell.

Falling from your chair seldom harms you

You know when you’re sitting in a chair its ok to nap, not be aware of things and just totally ignore everything. And the worse thing that might happen is you’ll spill the soup that’s sitting in your lap. And when all is said and done no harm is done. But act that way while your walking and you’re an accident waiting to happen. And sometimes your failure to be attentive will harm others in the process.

I was fortunate I had more Grand Mothers then Most

Over the years I have been adopted by numerous well meaning Grand Mothers. You see I used to manage a high-rise facility which was primarily filled by ladies over the age of sixty-two. I enjoyed this job for almost twenty years. For most of my employment there I was single and as such numerous ladies chose to take me under their wing and that meant mainly looking out for my welfare. Oh and I forgot to mention that I not only worked there but I lived there also.

She wouldn’t sleep till I got home

One particular lady wouldn’t retire for the night till she observed my car in its proper parking location. Then and only then would she slip off to slumber land. In time with their aid I was a prime candidate for Jenny Craig’s Weight Loss Program. They were constantly leaving Goodies at my apartment door. Of course I could have avoided not eating same, but that would have been disrespectful to them and my taste buds wouldn’t allow that to happen

They Taught me how to be a Good Grand Father

I must confess their kindnesses and concern for my welfare made me feel good. I think not having Grand Parents in my childhood made me a prime candidate for having them when I was older.

A careless Step maybe your last Step and that’s avoidable by just paying attention to where you’re walking

I’m like all people I’ve had my favorite people who I have had the pleasure to know. All of these ladies that adopted me at the high-rise were on that list of people. But life gives and takes and that’s one of the sad nesses of life. Before I retired from that job I watched most of them fall, slip or step off the curb and then slowly I said good by to them. They were wonderful ladies and I lost their company because they failed to pay attention to where they were walking and that ended things for them. I miss them and will always remember their kindness to me.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Joe Gatling