Family History Good Thing to Know

Knowing Your Family History can Save you Money and Maybe even Your Life

How your tree of family members live or lived can hopefully give you some insight in what you might want to think about correcting in your life. Oh I realize we’ve come a long way in the medical knowledge sense then but we can learn thru the mistakes of others and the stuff that might be passing thru our predecessors' to us and still going strong.

How are your parents doing? We can learn a lot by just by looking at what they’re doing and how they seem to be holding up. For example I know this person who is in her early fifties and has numerous life threatening issues in her life.
  1. She's Over Weight
  2. Dabetic
  3. High Blood Pressure
  4. Into Depression
  5. Highly Nervous
Hows Your Life Compare to This

Now if this was your Mother you might want to look at your life and evaluate whether any of these concerns have been transferred on to you. If that is the case then your next question should be why? In other words did you learn this behavior from your Mother and then emulate it in your life or are you predisposed in a medical sense via your genes. If you acquired this behavior by being around your Mother then stop doing that and all things will be corrected. If it’s the gene thing see your family doctor and get advise on how to proceed.

Discuss Issues with your Family Doctor

Maybe one of your parents is having cholesterol issues and is currently taking medication that corrects this problem. If that be the case maybe you should discuss this with your doctor and consider taking their medication of a better one that your doctor is suggesting to eliminate getting the problem your parent has. Or at the very least be aware of it and have yourself checked regularly and maybe also adjust your eating habits and eat more healthy food.

Avoid Fear at all Cost

Know there is a danger when reviewing family members and finding out the bad things that happened to them. And then thinking it’s going to happen to you. For example maybe cancer is claiming family members and that cancer fear is consumed by you. Know you start fearing the Grim Reaper in heading in your direction and the big C is in you future. Avoid this thinking at all cost. I’m a believer that we can by our thinking make things come to reality. My Mother always worried about loosing her memory like her mother did. She predetermined her history and it happened just like she thought it would. Don’t let my Mother be your path of thinking. Think positive and that will be your future.

Have a Positive view of Your Future

Know your family history, adjust your life accordingly and live the life you think of. I wish you well, on being well.

Don L. Terrill

photo by heyjoewhereyougoinwiththatguninyourhand