Sharing food and drink is a disaster waiting to happen

Avoid Sickly People

Have you ever paid attention to those individuals that always seem to be at some level of being sick? Now I’m not suggesting we react like the days when people got small pox while crossing the America and then were required to travel way behind the wagon train so they wouldn’t contaminate the other travelers. No but I am suggesting when possible use restraint in residing with them in small contained areas. Like for example the inside of a car or etc. Also one might want to refrain from hugging, kissing and other close contacting situations. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting you become like Howard Hughes did and see contamination every where and went to extremes to avoid people and literally become a hermit and chose to live in a environment without other real contact with any other humans.

Sharing Got Him Gum Disease

I have one family member that wouldn’t listen to common sense and shared drinks with other kids. Then one day while having a regular tooth cleaning the doctor viewed the beginning stages of gum disease and that was forty years ago. Even today that condition still raises its ugly head and treatments are required again.

I Only Share Drinks with My Wife

Two years ago while attending a local River Art Festival a family member asked to share a small drink of my pop? I said I don’t share drinks with anyone except my wife. He the asker was greatly offended at my refusal and even today still makes reference to that situation. He was offended that I thought he carried a bad disease of something. I tried to explain my concerns and also I said I didn’t want to give something to the one I love. I have the feeling that this refusal on my part may well bother him for the rest of his life. I would love to resolve this problem for him, because he’s important to me but not at the expense of doing something stupid like sharing a drink from the same bucket.

Two College Kids Shared Food and Drink

Last night my wife and I decided to enjoy our last fat meal at Hardee's we really enjoy their chicken. We’ve decided to follow a different eating plan for the purpose of lowering the extra weight were carrying around. During our visit there I noticed a boy and girl sitting together. Only one ordered food and drink. The other shared everything with her. I’m sure they were college kids because the local college is walking distance from where they were eating. And that’s when my thoughts wondered back to my family member who shared cokes and still today hasn’t entirely recovered from that gum condition that he know doubt contracted from one of the members of the coke sharing group.

Don't Hide the Truth

Generally speaking I suspect most people enjoy the company of numerous partners till they finally connect with the one they want to spend their life with. Imagine having to explain to that special person a condition you acquired while using poor judgment in your life? If this sounds like you and you love this person you would want to share your physical condition and hopefully they will have the wisdom to understand that things happen and most happenings can be safely dealt with. If not you have still done the right thing even though it cost you dearly. Imagine not telling and then experience what your partner will say when they discover the truth you didn’t share with them?

Use Caution When Sharing

Being careful can help in preventing future hurts and costly medical mistakes. Remember caution now will help reduce your medical costs later.

Don L. Terrill

photo by sporkist