Saving Bucks may require a Referral

Referrals are Alway Appropriate

If you have a medical need to see a different doctor always have your family doctor give you a referral to see this new doctor. Because if you don’t your medical insurance carrier may require it and if you ignore this requirement you might be paying the entire bill yourself. Now maybe they do or don’t but calling is always a good idea. Because your provider might have suggestions that may impact on your current doctor needs.

Try Mayo's it's Worth It

Years ago I visited Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. And almost didn’t make the visit happen. I like many folks I leaped before I thinking and that’s what happened when I went to Mayo Clinic. During this time I was working for a local municipality and didn’t know a referral was required. Luckily for me the city I worked for allowed my visit to happen and ignored the referral requirement. I had two days of tests done to detect a problem I had and how to solve it. I was awesomely impressed by the speed by which tests and procedures were done.

My First Doctor was my Coordinator

When I first got there they assigned me to a Doctor that would be my coordinator during my visit there. When I met him I explained my problem and that started the ball rolling. He gave me a piece of paper specifying me to go to a certain place and I found this by following a certain colored line marked on the floor. I was a dream come true for me, I don’t follow directions well and boy did this work for me. They first took samples from certain locations on and in my body. Then from there I was referred from one doctor to another and in between more tests and samples were taken.

More Doctors are Better

I didn’t realize that Mayo’s was such a huge facility for training new doctors. I think I heard they had over five hundred doctors at any given time training or working for the hospital. On one adventure following the colored lines I was required to vacate my clothes and put on a hinny-exposing garment. Then they marched me into a rather large oval room and standing in the room was a line of males and females. Then the main doctor gave me a rectal exam via his direction finger, while doing this he was explaining what he was feeling. Then he retreated from me and then asked me if it was ok for the remaining white coated individuals to do likewise. I said yes but felt a tad violated. So one by one they suited up with plastic gloves and so the journey went.

In Days they Found My Problem and Fixed it

For every doctor I saw there were always numerous new bees standing in the wing to probe or learn from my presence. Finally my problem was diagnosed and solved by a small correction in my life. In two days they did more things to me then all my doctors have done in my entire life. And I got results of all my tests except one before I left on my third day. My last test was delivered via certified mail two days after I got home. Is that fast doctor service or what? I can’t find enough words to explain how incredible and comforting this hospital experience was for me. And my problem was minor and easily fixed. If you’re looking for express doctor service with the perfection of hundreds of doctors I would highly recommend the Mayo Clinic. Oh and don’t forget to get your referral before you push the gas pedal.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Mulad