Save on Medical Bills by not doing this

Multi-Tasting while Driving

My lovely wife has always told me that only women can Multi-Task. I have no way of proving this thought but I certainly don’t qualify for doing more then one thing at a time. Maybe girls come by this naturally because they not only watch the children and that’s a full time job, but also do all the other chores around the homestead at the same time.

Watch the Drivers Around You

Have you ever really paid attention to the people driving around you? Well give it a whirl sometime while you’re a passenger, you’ll be amazed at what you see.


My wife and I like eating out and sometimes when we have the GrandChildren we hit MC Donalds it user friendly to the family because the children get a toy and we pay less to eat. And this particular location we like going to services probably more drive in people then those going inside. But heres the bad thing about drive ins. Most of these people are eating while their driving and thats a huge no no while driving.

Talking on the Cell Phone

Is the number one reason for causing accidents on the roadways. One day while waiting for the red light to change I counted four people talking on their cell phone while driving thru the green light in front of me.

Driving & Reading

Not too long ago while my wife and I were driving to a lunch engagement we noticed a girl driving and reading a book. She had the book leaning against her steering wheel. She was in a constant state of bobbing up and down.

Glove Box

Just recently there was a skit on the tv news, which showed a car partly inside this house. Apparently the driver was trying to find some information in the glove box and lost sight of what they were doing and ran off the road and ended up driving the car half way into someone’s living room. Can you in vision how the driver explained this accident? Probably said whats for dinner?

Distractions Inside the Car

John was for the most part a congenial guy until he stepped into his car. The inside of his car looked like a junk yard that I used to visit when I was a younger person. John was one of those people that never discarded anything. And each layer of crud was a history of his life. He had so much stuff in the car that he couldn’t give you a ride if he wanted to. One time he hit the brake pedal and nothing happened and he hit the car in front of him. Apparently one of his trash items got logged under the brake pedal and that caused the accident. He was sighted for failing to stop and too many obstructions blocking his view of sight.


Smoking involves numerous maneuvers here’s just a few.
  1. Flicking the ash either out the window or in the ash tray
  2. Needs to be held by two fingers of either hand
  3. Lighting up distracts from driving
  4. Dropping hot ash on ones self has caused accidents
Instructing Children while looking in the back seat.

This could be one of the most harmful things parents can do while driving. I know this because I’ve done it numerous times myself.

All of the aforementioned activities should be avoided while driving. If we all did that our medical costs would go down and many heartaches would be avoided.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Malingering