Prescriptions are lowest at Wal-Mart

When It Comes to Prescriptions Shop Around

Boy did I get an eye opening experience yesterday. A couple months ago my doctor suggested I start taking Simvastatin 20MG. I had my first prescription filled at Cosco’s and paid something in the area of seventy dollars for a thirty-day supply. We returned to Cosco’s and discovered they had changed their thirty supply to one hundred and twelve dollars and this included a slight reduction because of a new drug card I acquired days earlier. So without the new card the prescription would have been even higher. My wife and I declined the prescription and checked around for a lower price. After calling three other locations we discovered that Wal-Mart was the lowest price. A thirty-day supply with them was just a few bucks over fifty dollars.

You Save More by Buying a Larger Quantity

We then found out thru talking to the Wal-Mart prescription Rep that since I had no drug insurance coverage they could fill my prescription for ninety days and that would even save us more money. So we opted for the ninety-day supply and the entire bill was one hundred nineteen dollars and sixty-eight cents.

My Wife Found the Best Deal in Town

I wonder about all the people who just pay whatever the price is and never check around thinking that all drug prescription places are probably selling things at pretty much the same price. Nothing apparently could be further from thinking that way.

My Job Gave me Prescription Benefits

Before opting for early retirement I had prescription coverage with a local town I worked for and then only paid ten or twenty dollars for a prescription depending on whether it was a brand name or generic.

Nothing Better Then a Free Market System

Yesterday re instilled my faith in the free market system and above all I learned to never take the first price you get and always shop around for the best deal wherever it is. So take it from one who knows by personal experience Wal-Mart is the number one best place to save on prescription drugs that I know of. There seems to be a lot of controversy about Wal-Mart and their hiring. And I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. But I do know one thing I’m grateful for the opportunity to save on my prescriptions. Now don’t take my word for this call and ask them for a ninety-day supply quote on your prescriptions and you might we quite surprised how much money you can save.

While Waiting We Saved More Money in the Food Section

While we waited for the prescription to be filled we wondered thru the food section and saved even more money.

The Best Prescription Prices are at WalMart

When we picked up the prescription we joined in conversation with three people waiting in line to have their prescriptions filled. Each of them told the same story I have shared with you; they too couldn’t believe the amounts they were paying prior to going to Wal-Mart. So there you have it from the horse’s mouth and four human mouths, the best prescriptions prices are located at Wal-Mart.

So if your looking to lower your medical costs may I boldly suggest Wal-Mart.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Brave New Films