Moderation and lower health costs go hand in hand

Information About You Will Determine Your Health Costs

Whether we like this thought or not information is readily available to anyone that wants to pay for it. And companies in the medical coverage business are using that information to formulate what you’re going to pay for health insurance. Kind of makes you feel like a terrorist doesn’t it? Maybe that’s a bad choice of words for comparison but reality is what it is and as much as its legal companies seek information about you for gauging if you’re a good candidate for the services or products they are selling. Especially if your over weight, have indications of alcohol abuse and smoke.

Warning Signs

I would highly recommend my general practitioner to anyone but even he probes regularly for changes in my lifestyle that will give him clues in helping me keep my feet firmly planted on this planet we call earth rather then residing under it. Maybe thru our conversational stage he or one of his medical staff will hear a word that will prompt them to write a word or check a box that will show him signs that I’m making at least from his perspective bad choices and if not nipped in the bud maybe or slightly will produce results whereby I will be consuming more medical help in my pursuing years. These are warning signs that he will skillfully inject into our conversations in the hope that he can persuade me to make changes in how I’m handling my life.

Swimming Alone Can Be Dangerous

Have you ever noticed how some people wander thru life and never make a ripple in the water? I remember one time when I was swimming with the friends of my youth when two wheeled body driven cycles were are main mode of transportation. On this particular summer day we were all enjoying this clay sliding water stream we called are special super secret place and only seven of us knew about it. The flowing water was probably twenty feet wide and twelve feet deep in the middle. A huge limb hung over the stream and on the limb we tied a rope and put a noose on the other end that dangled above the water when no was using it for showing off. One day I caught my foot in it and almost drowned but for help of one on the companions of my youth. That careless behavior is the kind of information being used to determine the fate of the money in your wallet.

Your Actions Play a Huge Part in Determining Your Health Costs

What you do with your life and how you handle that journey will in part determine what your medical costs will be in your life. For example getting a ticket for being under the influence of alcohol may increase your car insurance coverage by one hundred percent. And then only years of good driving will slightly remove the penalties of your bad judgment when driving that day under the influence.

Moderation is a Good Path to Follow

I’m sure were all trying to live happy lives and enjoy the by products of that behavior. But never forget moderation in all things is probably a good way to save on health care costs.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Brent and MariLynn