Marry for good health insurance

Marriage Can Help a Friend

As far as I’m concerned marriage is a connection of two people being in love with each other and shouldn’t be undertaken for any other reason. Well I’ve somewhat adjusted my thinking on this subject matter. When a person reaches a certain age love kind of develops into a different form of relationship and thought love should be the primary reason I think there are other reasons for joining hands in the legal sense. Sometimes what marriage often lacks is true friendship, sure you can still love each other but not have that special connection friends have. My lovely wife has this girlfriend in Michigan and on the surface you would wonder why there friends. But I guess that’s the magic of friendship it requires nothing of each party and that’s all there is to it.

Friends are Forever

My wife has not seen her friend in probably three years yet when they talk on the phone its like it was just yesterday when they last talked. They on the surface seem to have nothing in common, yet each would be there for the other if their friend needed them.

They Were Married and Shared a Duplex

When I was younger and lived in California I often took small jobs to make ends meet. One day while mowing this ladies lawn a man stepped in my way and asked if I could do some handy man work for him. I said yes and he pointed to a duplex just down the street. When I got there I discovered he and his wife each lived in one of the two duplexes. I worked for them on and off for probably a month and during this time they often invited me to dinner in each of their apartments. Finally my curiosity got the best of me and I asked his wife why they didn’t live together in one of the duplexes. His wife a very straightforward lady who never mixed words and always got right to the point. She said they married because they were friends and that’s why they wanted to be close to each other. I’m not sure that I understood her meaning but they were nice people and that’s all that mattered to me. Apparently they were tenants in common and that meant each owned all of the duplex. Should one die the other would be the sole owner.

He Married to Give his Friend Better Health Insurance

While enjoying one their generous offers of feeding me they with the looseness of some nice tasting wine decided to share their relationship with me. Both grew up together and always spent time with each other. Then she and her parents moved to a different state and they lost sight of each other. Then ten years later both being separated from marriage by the death of their partner, met by chance while walking thru a wooded park area. At first they said they passed each other and then both turned at the same time and realized who they had just seen. It was as if they never left each other. The said they sat on a bench and talked till the sun went away. From that they reconnected that decided to get married because he had good health insurance and that would help his childhood friend who was having health issues and needed help making ends meet. Both had homes and before they got married they purchased the duplex by selling each of their homes. They had the best of both worlds they loved being friends and also wanted the privacy of their own place and only married to make things worked well for their friendship.

Marriage is for Lovers, But Friendship is a Good Second

They married for friendship and that’s the second best reason for joining hands in holy matrimony. She also lowered her medical overhead and that pleased them both. Who better to have as your neighbor then your best friend?

Don L. Terrill

photo by sillygwailo