Lower Medical Costs are greatly reduced by Hard Hats & Steel Toed Shoes

Security Guard

I remember my first job at the Nuclear Plant in our local community. I was a Security Guard and like everyone that worked at the plant I was required to wear a hard hat. It was for the most part a pain in the part that crosses the fence last. I guess I wasn’t a hat wearing person at the time. For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, they’re bulky, awkward to wear and always leave a circular ridge in your head after wearing them all day.

New Hard Hat didn’t have a Scratch on it

Now when I first got the hat it was right out of the box, orange in color and didn’t have a mark on it. When I surrendered it the day I quit for another job at the plant it looked like it had been thru World War Two. For those of you who haven’t walked the inners of a nuclear plant allow me to explain what you would see if you went inside the domes as the call them.

Colored marks on pipes showed where Hard Hats hit them thus saving the head of the user

Stainless steel pipes of all sizes are all over the place and if you’re not careful you’re always bumping your head on one of them. Had it not been for the hard hat I would have surely as night and day I would have knocked myself out hundreds of times and required medical care all the time.

Steel Toed Shoes were required usage by Construction Workers

Since I was not a construction worker I wasn’t required to wear steel-toed shoes, which helped protect your feet if something, heavy should fall on them. While I was employed there I did observe one worker have a steel beam fall on his one foot and because he was wearing a steel toed shoe he walked away with no side effects other then having the crapped scared out of him. If it had been me I’m sure going home to change my pants would have been necessary.

Proper Protection in the work place is the number one reason for helping keep medical costs down.

Don L. Terrill

Photo by dbking