Lower Medical Bills are produced by wearing eye protection

Safety Glasses are Sight Savers

When we first moved to North Carolina we purchased a two-apartment condo. The inside of the apartment was in great need of updating. My wife and I moved in and started are improvements by tackling the kitchen first. Before being a condo configuration the apartments were first occupied by the arm forces during WW2. So you can imagine the challenges we faced when we first started undertaking are renovations. All piping was the steel variety and many pipes were actually imbedded in sections of the cement used in building the apartment unit. During cutting some of these pipes located under the kitchen sink and tubs I got steel shavings in one eye and required medical assistance at the local hospital. The charge for removing the steel shavings and follow up with an eye specialist cost over ten thousand dollars. These medical charges and discomfort could have been avoided by wearing safety glasses.

Employees cared for themselves

Years ago in previous generations employee safety was taken care of by the employee and if someone got hurt the expenses of that tragedy was handled by the employee and their family.

Lost his arm and partial eyesight while working for the railroad

Sid worked for my Grandfather for probably twenty years and acted in the capacity of a security guard. He lost his right arm while falling off a railroad bridge and his shotgun accidentally went off almost blowing off his right arm and loosing some sight in his right eye when the butt of the gun hit the ground. He was one of the lucky ones according to him. He had to walk five miles while his arm dangled at his right side. His doctor said he didn’t know how his patient managed to survive all the blood loss. The railroad paid all his medical bills and rehired him when he got well. Not many employers during that time in our countries history were that generous. Eventually he received a small pension from the railroad and then started working for my Grandfather in his Boat and Amusement Business.

Blowing Sand

My families Amusement Park was located on the shores of Lake Michigan in a small town called St. Joseph. During the fall months snow fencing was put up in long rows to help stop the sand from blowing away. The fences created large rows of sand that had to be bull dozed level in the spring. Sid not only helped put up the fence but he helped take it down. If the wind was blowing he always wore protective glasses which other employees often kidded him about. But he knew the value of such protection, because he almost lost his sight and his very life.

What is the value of one arm and one eye?

Don L. Terrill

photo by orangeacid