Less Trans Fats equal less medical costs

Fat is Good & Bad

Fat in safe quantities is one of the vital necessities for the human body to grow and maintain good mental and physical health. Too much fat reverses this affect on us and becomes a bad thing. And to make things even worse; the food industry introduced Trans Fats, which is created when hydrogen is added to vegetable oil. Manufacturers liked this product because it increased the shelf life of their foods and also helped maintained the taste to last longer in their food product. Its know wonder it took hold by the public and was greeted with open taste buds. That is until the public started getting the message that Trans Fats if consumed in large quantities can lead to coronary heart disease (CHD), which claims the lives of five hundred thousand people in America. Which makes it one of the leading causes of death in this country.

KFC Has Said It's Removing Trans Fats from it Cooking Process

Leading Food providers are starting to get the picture and are slowly beginning to remove Trans Fats from their food preparation process. Just recently the KFC signaled it was going to eliminate the use of Trans Fats in its cooking process. I welcome the message and hope other food providers get on board and stop using the man made product.

Making Healthy Choices

Today my lovely wife and I with other family members in tow are making life style changes that are making our bodies less susceptible to heart disease and related issues. I am enjoying my golden years and hope to be here for many years to come.

I Was a Trans Fat Abuser

I must confess that while being divorced I developed a lifestyle that included many bad food selections to eat. Like balcony, double cheeseburgers, fries and similar fast foods that met my needs but didn’t help my body. Today a double cheeseburger is enjoyed maybe only twice monthly at McDonald’s. I’m sure if they dropped the trans fat cooking in their stuff I would be more inclined to stop by on a more frequent basis.

Blood Letting Used To Be Popular

I’m not inclined to change my life just because a study produces results that something maybe harmful to my health if I consume it. I think more studies then just one need to be explored before eating habits can really be pointed out as bad for you. Years ago during George Washington’s time the habit of blood letting was a very common practice to use to supposedly help promote a persons good health. I think I read somewhere that are first president was aided in his path to rest in peace by using the blood draining process on him during list his last few days on earth. And just think of all the times we’ve been told something is good or bad for us and then in time they find the real truth thru time and testing. Everyday either on tv or in the newspaper people are telling us were doing or eating the wrong stuff.

Ninety Five Year Old, Loves Whisky, Cigars and Fat

I met this elderly colored gentlemen while hiking thru the woods in upper Michigan. He proudly spoke of being ninety-nine and shared many of his vices with me. Which included drinking whisky daily and three or so cigars. Also he offered me something that was crunchy that contained mostly fat according to him. He said fat was good for you. I guess we all have our own thoughts about how to live longer. But unlike most of us he was demonstrating his theory by still being alive. While I rested and enjoyed his company he chopped wood for the winter. I guess we could be wrong about fat, God knows we have been wrong more times then right about many medical approaches to healing over the years.

A Long Life Is More Then About Food

He told me he enjoyed my company but suggested I leave before the sun set. I got good directions back and from time to time I remember that very special man. I have a hunch that the gentlemen found the solution in being ok and loving the way he lived.

I Still Believe in Moderation

As for the fat thing, Ill leave that decision to you. For me Ill continue moderation and write an article about it when I hit ninety-nine, like my woodsman acquaintance.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Kables