Haste and Ice raised his medical costs

Always use the Safest Path

At the time I think Dave was sixty-seven and pretty springy for his age. He lives in Michigan and like all Michiganders faces ice and snow every year. I have this theory that the longer were conscious of something the more we will normalize it and then pay it less attention as life moves on. Dave like most of us takes out the trash on a weekly basis and that keeps harmony flowing with his lovely wife of many moons. This day according to him, he avoided his normal path to the curb and opted for a more dangerous route because a large pile of blown snow blocked his normal journey. Also today he was rushing because he could see the trash truck only houses away from picking up his stuff. Normally he would have moved the trash to the curb the day before pickup. Last night he procrastinated and opted for jumping in the bed.

Don't Rush while on the Ice

He said between rushing and not being careful he slipped on some hidden ice under the snow and fell. His wife came to his rescue and the ambulance was called. In the hospital he was diagnosed with a pulled muscle malfunction in his left leg and required a cast and wouldn’t be walking for four or so months. This not only cost a bundle to fix but also impacted on his emotional wellness since his movement provided wellness to his body as well as his brain.

Carelessness Cost Him Five Months

I used to see Dave all the time at our local lodge meetings and other social events. I think I remember someone saying he was out of commission for over five months. And even when the cement was removed from his leg crunches were in order so that pressure could be avoided somewhat on the leg.

Out of Pocket Costs Hurt

Even thought Dave was drawing Medicare his financial situation required he pay a lot out of pocket costs that Medicare and his supplement didn’t pay for. His wife for the first time in their marriage joined the working force to help them make ends meet. I got the impression that really bothered Dave. I guess he always took pride in providing for his family and felt the pressure of not being able to continue that routine.

Even His Daughter Had to Adjust

His daughter also had to change her life direction and temporary selected to not take a full course load and aid her Father while her Mother mingled in the work world.

He Will Never be the Same

In time with a slight limp, more weight and less get up and go Dave returned to being regular or as regular as he could be. But there were changes that weren’t likely to change and return him to his normal life. First his wife found she liked working and decided not to stop. Second his daughter found love and opted to raise a family rather then continue doing the college thing.

I Was an Ear to Listen To

When all the dust cleared Dave and I found ourselves sitting at the local pub and enjoying the enlightenment that alcohol sometime brings in moderation. This night was not going to be one of them. During our first sips of beer and two shots we both joined the rest of the bar setters and settled into revealing all our thoughts and concerns about life. In bar drinking situations the normal stance is this, one listens and the other talks. This was my night to listen. Dave wanted his life back and I just mostly listened, agreed and shook my head a lot. After forty minutes or so I retreated to a table with my arriving wife and Dave found a new ear to talk to.

Change is Normal

I don’t think like is ever normal. Normal implies no change and changes come everyday know matter whether we like it or not. Ignoring or crying about spilled milk is a life filled with unwellness and more time alone. I have learned that change is normal and gladly greet it with open arms.

Hast and Speed Cost Him Money

Dave forced his healthcare to rise because he was in a hurry and didn’t take the time to be careful. Speed of motion and carelessness are ingredients for disaster and that frequently means higher health costs.

Don L. Terrill

photo by re-ality