Good Health requires some dirt consumption

I Shoveled Cow Manure

This title reminds me of a time when shoveling cow manure was my primary job while working and residing at a dairy farm. At that time I was sixteen and became part of a family that milked cows for a living. For my services I received room, board and a modest income. I was required to work five days a week and seldom unless an emergency arose worked on weekends. Two hours of work was required before breakfast was consumed. Because early rising was required I frequently fell asleep during the Mickey Mouse tv show in the evening. Dairy farming unlike other forms of farming never let one day pass without attaching the milking receptors to lower the weight of the cows giving milk.

He Said Bull Waste Was Good for You

The milking stalls were arranged in a straight line and cows were on both sides of the line. Stalls or cows stations served three purposes eating, milking and cow waste. I helped make the system flow like clockwork. During my tenure there I never experienced one minute of sickness. My boss attributed that to my shoveling out the bull cage on a regular basis. While pitch forking the bull waste your nose would consume large volumes of penetrating odor that wouldn’t allow a human germ to exist; thus wellness was achieved. I’m sure that this is in part is a line of bull, but I must confess wellness was my companion as long as I forked on. I know the f word resembles another thought but that wasn’t my intention when using it. My fingers are to blame if you’re being critical of my choices of the word. Shakespeare was quoted as saying nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so. So if your thinking my f word is bad maybe your thinking is faulty.

Were Too Clean

Your now probably wondering what all this cow manure has to do with being healthy? I have joined a vast array of intelligent people and have come to the conclusion that humans are too clean and thus aren’t allowing their bodies to develop anti bodies to fight the enemies of the human anatomy. Were becoming a society that cleans itself too much and were passing that madness onto our children. My wife and I used to be one those hand washing soap cops that actively killed bacteria and in the process was hurting ourselves.

The Body Hased to Catch Things to Learn How to Defend Itself

Catching things and developing a defense posture is the way your body fights similar intrusions in the future. Not allowing your body to do this by not playing in the dirt enough can be very unhealthy for you in the future. There is growing evidence that washing in public bathrooms is more harmful then not washing. If you’re moderately careful when using the bathroom you can minimize the interaction with some else’s contamination. Thus you’re pretty much just touching yourself and that’s better then touching the soap dispenser, water faucet and most towel configurations. If I can manage to wash my hands, rinse with the water and get a towel without major touching requirements Ill generally do the washing thing. If this isn’t possible I would rather opt with my own bugs rather then acquiring someone else’s.

Sponges are No Nos

Using sponges for cleaning and not cleaning up after processing uncooked chicken and the like definitely are bad cleaning habits that need to be changed to promote better family health.

Clean in Moderation

Use common sense and don’t apply over kill to the cleaning thing. Interaction with bugs and the like in moderation is a normal and helps your body build up its defenses that help it defend itself in the future against the forces of evil

Don L. Terrill

photo by rsvstks