Free Prescriptions

Increase the dosage and cut in half

Sometimes depression catches me with my pants down and a pill is required to pull my pants up. On very rare occasions two pills are required to achieve the desired results. One day while waiting to see my family doctor a prescription price reduction sale passed before my eyes. That’s when I realized that a small observation could save me a few coins. I told my doctor that one pill just wasn’t working for me all the time, which was the truth. He then after some discussion increased my prescription dosage by one hundred percent and then suggested if I only needed the smaller dose cut the pill in half, which I do most of the time. Now before doing this to ask your pharmacist and or doctor if cutting your pill in half is ok? If my memory serves me correctly the additional dosage on my prescription costs me an additional six dollars for a ninety-day supply.

Your Doctor has your best interest in mind

Im sure your doctor wasn’t born yesterday and probably realizes what your doing, but most doctors contrary to some people are kind, compassionate and have your best interest in mind. And will see your objective and up your dosage if it’s in their realm of doing. And I’m not sure that anyone is doing anything wrong doing this. After all you’re paying for the pills and by doing this are getting the best price reduction you can get. It may seem wrong but I truly believe its ok.

Cut you Tomato in Half

It’s kind of like going to the grocery store and purchase one tomato but will only use half of it at any time. The tomato and pill is yours once you pay for it; consequently you can consume them as you wish. So I don’t really see any wrongdoing here concerning cutting the pill in half.

Put your Cards of the Table

Sit down with your doctor and put all your cards of the table and explain to them that making ends meet is getting harder and harder all the time. And during that frank discussion ask if your prescriptions dosages can be doubled and then cut in half by you, thus saving you many bucks. Once again I see no wrong doing here and once again you’re paying for the prescriptions and not asking for a hand out. For all I know this practice maybe widely used already and I’m just recently picking up on it. After all it’s the American way to get the most bang for the bucks you have.

Don L. Terrill

photo by kissthis