Free Prescriptions

Free Drugs if You Qualify

One of my older family members gave me a tip probably a year ago on how to get free prescription drugs via your doctors help. She told me that as longs as she qualified she would get of two of her drugs free and she takes a number thru a drug company or companies for reasons that aren’t clearly clear to me. Though the world being the way it is I’m sure there’s probable a tax benefit available to them. Now before you say anything I’m a great believer in a free society where people take make their own success story with hard work and creative thinking. So if their getting some benefit from helping people get free drugs then I’m one hundred percent behind that thinking.

I Take One for Blood Pressure and The Other for Cholesterol

I take two drugs one is Diovan, which helps keep my blood pressure under control. The other is Simvastatin, which I just started taking in the hope it will lower my cholesterol level, which according to my family doctor is a tad high.

While surfing on the Internet I discovered a program called P.P.A.P

Novartis Patient Assistance Program
PO Box 66556
St. Louis, MO 63166-6556

Call or Use the Internet

Calling or using the internet will run you thru a question and answer period where you will find out if you qualify and if they offer the prescriptions your taking. I discovered they dispense one prescription I take. They also offer a membership card, which in the first year is free. After the first year its twenty dollars a year to be a member. You have a free year to see if it helps you. You might be nicely surprised how much it saves you.

There's Know Free Lunch

Once again I want to still make my thoughts felt. Nothing in life is free except what God offers. All other things are pushed with a motive behind them. And the motive is financial gain. Now once again this is what makes the wheels in the world work and that wheel process is what feeds and promotes the human race. My adopted Father who I miss frequently always said there’s no free lunch and that’s the truth of the human experience. Now with further a do lets return to the subject at hand.

Fill Out Application, Doctor Signs and Attaches a Prescription for Three Months

My family member says she qualifies for two free bee prescriptions she takes thru her program. She is required to fill out a yearly application, which is easily completed by my observations, and her words and then your doctor or doctors must finish completing their part of the application and then you mail in the completed application. The prescriptions you qualify for will be sent directly to your doctor and you will be required to pick them up there. The majority of drugs will be dispensed in ninety-day supplies.

Got the Free Pills in About One Month

According to my family member it takes a month or so to get the ball rolling but then its downhill from then as long as you continue to qualify.

And Other Drug Companies are Probably Doing the Same thing

This program is just one drug company I’m sure there are many more offering the same type of help to others. Use the internet, talk to you doctors or converse with other people and you’ll probably be surprised to find many opportunities to receive reduced or free prescription drugs. A little effort on you part can go along way in lowering your medical costs.

Don L. Terrill

photo by jeffk