Free Healthcare

Department of Health and Human Services

This state agency used to be casually referred to as welfare. But as time passed, all involved realized that this word implied as least in the mind of many as a negative thing. So many people wouldn't us the system because it implied they were free loaders. That’s why you will not read or hear this word anywhere mentioned in the process of applying for or receiving benefits from this state-providing agency.

Food & Shelter was there First Priority

At first food and shelter was this state agencies main concern. Today they cover almost every aspect of the human experience from newborns to the elderly of our society. Today if you need help and qualify you can get a whole range of help.

Call the Dept of Social Services

To apply for help you need to contact your local Department of Social Services Office. Every county of every state has a local office. You will find your local DSS by looking under the letter S in the phone book. Call and ask to speak to someone about getting help. They will direct you to someone who will help you. You will sometime during this process be required to share with them information about yourself. So please have your social security number, address, telephone # available.

Crisis Situations

Lets create a family crisis situation and see how it would play out. Maybe your husband, you and your four children moved here from another state. And then things went from bad to worse and your husband walked out the door one week ago and you haven’t seen him since. You have no family members living here to help you. Maybe your children are eating the last of their cereal and when that’s gone there’s nothing else to eat. And to make matters worse you don’t have any money and have no phone to use to get help. Maybe this is not you now but you see yourself heading in that direction. Now is the time to put your pride away and make one phone call to Social Services and tell them of your situation. They will assign you a caseworker and that person will ask you to come in or they will come to you depending on what your situation is. Maybe you need emergency help right away or maybe you just need a little help to stabilize you and your children’s lives. Don’t hold back anything; tell your situation as it really is. If your fearing for your life and the life of your children say it like it is. The more your caseworker knows the better they can help you.

Family Protection

Maybe you have been physically abused by your husband or boyfriend and you need relocation to protect yourself and your children this agency along with other government agencies will help protect you and your family while in the same process go after the one that is harming you and your family. This is no time to hold back and make excuses for the one abusing you.

Dental Help

Maybe your life is ok but you need dental help for yourself and your children. If you qualify they will give you a card indicating you have dental coverage and you can get all your dental needs taken care of.

Go Ahead and Get a Helping Hand

Here’s the bottom line if you need help call the Social Services in your county and they will help you get the assistance you need to make your life better. It’s the first step in making yourself independent. And all of us sometime in our life need that helping hand.

Don L. Terrill

photo by SideLong