Diligence and Practice keeps my Medical Costs down

Listen to Your Inner Voice That Says Caution

I think we’ve all have had those moments when were about to do something and our inner voice is telling us not to do it but we do it anyway. I can recall many moments like that. Sometimes I continued and discomfort was my reward for not paying attention to the caution sign my brain was flashing before my eyes. Sometimes I barely escaped being hurt. And then like yesterday all went well when the voice slightly warned me of a possibly incident. I have this six-foot wood stepladder that’s been with me for over eight years. During these years it sometimes was left out in the rain and that caused some of the steps to crack; I fixed this problem by placing plastic straps on them, it seemed to fix the problem. Yesterday I used this ladder to get high enough to clean off the pinecones and leaves that were on top of our two metal sheds. The cleaning went ok but I had that funny feeling I was making a big mistake.

I Knew Better

Just now I took my breakfast out of the microwave and almost dropped the hot bowl of oatmeal because I didn’t use something to lower the heat affect on my fingers. And here’s the deal both of these things could have caused something to happen and maybe in the process make me to react in a way that will hurt myself. Then maybe medical help would be required by seeing my doctor or going to the hospital. Maybe even an ambulance would be requested because I couldn’t move. The point I’m making is that everyday in some fashion or form we make decisions that are mind tells us are wrong and we do it any way.

Pay Attention to What Your Doing

While I was employed at this Senior High-rise Facility I observed many human accidents that didn’t need to happen and could have been avoided if the party or parties in question payed attention to what they were doing and the warning signs that were being echoed in their ears. And most of these incidents required immediate healthcare service or caused problems that sometimes plagued the participants for part of for the rest of their life. Either way the results were the same we make judgment calls and ignore the warning signs and then things happen and medical products or services are required sometimes for the rest of are life.

Don't Let Your Pride Hurt You

Most of these accidents at this facility could have been avoided had the participants been using better judgment and realized they needed assistance at certain times and had not let their pride stand in the way of making good healthy decisions for themselves and others.

I'm not Perfect But I'm Trying

Having experienced these unfortunate events has given me insight into making my life better by watching what I do and keep myself in good working order. I’m by no means perfect but I’m working at it and that’s probably the best any of us can do.

We All Can Improve Ourselves

Two-week ends ago I had the joy and pleasure to have our immediate family members over for a casual meet to share an easy preparation of taco related food. During times like this I spend as much time as I can with the three local Grand Children, which are all under five. To play at there level required me to get down closer to the floor. During the getting up and down I realized the need to improve the way I get up and down. Since then I have been practicing the up and down process and its amazing how easy it is when you practice ways to do it and in the process improve the less likely hood of hurting myself and then raising my medical expenses.

Don L. Terrill

photo by douglaspperkins