Better Health Benefits Everyone

Employers are Offering Incentives to Employees

Many companies today are taking the offensive and offering their employees incentive goals that will greatly benefit both the company and the employees. Yes employers have a motive and that motive to make employees happier at work and healthier so they won’t be taking sick days because of poor habits. Smoking and losing weight is in the forefront of this employer plan of attack. Employers are using many approaches to achieve their objectives. One is to offer more benefits to those that reach a certain level of performance by either doing something or maintaining a certain level of performance. Companies are learning that they have a large range of choices available to them. Stopping people from smoking and hiring people that don’t smoke is a huge plus for them financially. Non smoking and less over weight employees miss less work and use the company offered health insurance less. Both of these improvements greatly increase productivity and increase the money statement that is showed to their shareholders.

Offering Better Working conditions

I just recently watched a tv news presentation involving a California Computer Company nestled in what they call Silicon Valley. This company is offering ever changing working conditions that are suggested by employee assigned groups like more sunlight, better seats and computer keyboard situations that are more user friendly and less stressful physically on the user.

Free Health Benefits

Also the company offers free medical coverage to those employees who meet that companies health measurements. Like not smoking, weight levels, passing their drug test regiment and not having any alcohol related violations for a certain period of time. Sure this seems like an invasion of a persons rights but you couldn’t prove that by the conversations of those employees that shared there working conditions with a well-known news commentator. The employees that participated did so at there own discretion and all to a head said it was the greatest working environment they have ever experienced.

Free Day Care

This company even offered in house day care so that employees could visit their children during there free time while working. They even offered at their cost the diapers and other baby care items that the children needed while attending the company’s day care facility.

Making Better Employees

Currently these types of companies are in short supply but evidence is showing that other companies are slowly following their lead and developing new environments that produce more production by helping employees be more health conscious and thru that process create happier employees.

Open Minded People can Make a Difference

When opened minded people ban together for the sole purpose of producing a product or service they can and should consider all sides of a relationship between the employer and the employees. Doing this will produce and create benefits for all people involved.

Everyone Benefits

Good health in the work force creates a better employee and creates more profit for the company and that’s the magic that makes the system work the best that it can. And everyone wins when health cost are kept to there minimum.

Don L. Terrill

photo by SunFlowery