Being Yourself will Lower your Medical Bills

Ever Get in a Rut?

For the last three days I seem to have lost my ability to be me. Maybe I’m in a rut and need to try different things rather then following my normal course during a day. So here goes. Normally if I drink any soda it will be of the diet variety. So change one today is. I’m right now drinking a regular coke and guess what? I feel better already.

Changing Your Routine is a Good Thing

I’m starting to think maybe doing different things in life is a good thing, rather then doing the same routine all the time. It seems like I’ve been unhappy with my weight all my life. Of course in my younger years that wasn’t a problem, primarily because if I didn’t make it to mealtime my plate was removed from the table.

Is Your Weight like an Elevator going Up and Down?

Just think about how much time you waste thinking and trying to lose what you conceive is bad for you. Were spending our whole life putting on and talking off weight. That cant be good for us. I have a hunch we would be healthier if we found a way to maintain a certain weight and just stay there. Who’s to say what is the right weight for you? I have a feeling that someday people will be heavier because science will say that’s the best thing for our body.

Free Yourself and Find Yourself

Well I for one am done doing this foolishness. Starting right now while I’m writing these words I proclaiming myself a free person and as such I will never again forfeit the joy of being alive for trying to be better then I am. Cause here’s the deal I’m really ok with who I am and how I feel about things. Sure I’ve had my hard knocks and done some pretty stupid things, but who hasn’t? Were all just human and being human at least in my definition of life means that living is the number one thing to do. And you Like me need to stop trying to improve the person we are and realize there is only one of us in all the universe. If that isn’t special enough I don’t know what is.

Take Credit for what you have Accomplished

As I’m typing here I’m thinking about myself and what my efforts have produced for me being myself and guess what its not all that bad being myself and what I’ve been able to accomplish in my life. No I’m not driving a rich car nor are my pockets filled with the coins of the rich. But I look around my life and see and feel the results of being a good person who cares and loves love.

Be Yourself

Remember being yourself and happy with who you are, is the only path to true physical and emotional wellness. And emotional wellness doesn’t require as many pills and that will lower your medical costs.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Bien Stephenson