Alcohol Abuse creates higher medical expenses

Beer Please

I remember when I first turned twenty-one and boy was it cool to belly up to the bar and request a beer. And what a joy it was to be able to produce a valid drivers license, which every bartender asked for till they got to know me.

I Always Lucked Out

Some how thru pure luck and cops that knew my parents I survived getting any drinking related traffic tickets. One time when I hadn’t been drinking, I got stopped late at night and had to walk the middle line in the road. Back then breathing in devices weren’t in operation yet. The cop acted kind of mad like he was disappointed I passed all his walking etc requirements. I vaguely remember him saying consider yourself lucky this time but remember Ill be paying close attention to you from now on. I never got stopped by him again. Later I read in the paper where he got in a bar fight and lost his Wyatt Earp badge and gun. I guess rather then me maybe he should have been walking the white line.

Senior Year and Could Buy Beer

My graduating class which I unfortunately didn’t get to walk the stage with and get my diploma. I failed a half-year of Biology and that required me to go to summer school the year my classmates graduated. Had I graduated I would have been the only one able to buy beer. I guess in modern terms I was a Special Education Student. I dropped out of school when I was sixteen and didn’t return till I was nineteen and then started in the ninth grade. At one point I had three different tutors and always took classes in the summer time. I finally got my needed credits and my parents were happy and so was I. It was a long haul but a huge learning experience.

The Stool & I Were Companions

Sorry about that journey thru memory lane. Sometimes while writing my memories take over and my fingers translate that thinking to the keyboard. I remember two accessions when I hugged the stool sitting on the floor. It’s amazing the comfort one experiences because the stool was slightly cooler and that seemed to make things better.

Now a Small Amount of Wine Suffices

Today a little wine is my forte and if too much is consumed I’m either home or my lovely wife handles the driving.

Alcohol Abuse Is Everywhere

Today alcohol abuse is the major reason why everyone’s insurance is as high as it is. We live in a southern community, which like most towns has one major route that boasts the most traffic fatalities in the area. Are favorite crash street is called college road, probably called that because the states largest college is located on or near it. And yes many of the incidents are caused by students who drive too fast or act out new driving fads in the community. It’s not unusual to seeing students racing to see who can get somewhere first. This section of road is so popular it claims the distinction of having seven traffic related incidents on average every day.

Both Hands Should Be on the Wheel

Drinking and driving is the primary reason why we all pay so much more then we should for medical insurance. So give a helping hand and don’t drive with one hand on the wheel if the other hand is holding a bottle of alcohol.

Don L. Terrill

photo by andydr