Lower Medical Costs are greatly reduced by Hard Hats & Steel Toed Shoes

Security Guard

I remember my first job at the Nuclear Plant in our local community. I was a Security Guard and like everyone that worked at the plant I was required to wear a hard hat. It was for the most part a pain in the part that crosses the fence last. I guess I wasn’t a hat wearing person at the time. For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, they’re bulky, awkward to wear and always leave a circular ridge in your head after wearing them all day.

New Hard Hat didn’t have a Scratch on it

Now when I first got the hat it was right out of the box, orange in color and didn’t have a mark on it. When I surrendered it the day I quit for another job at the plant it looked like it had been thru World War Two. For those of you who haven’t walked the inners of a nuclear plant allow me to explain what you would see if you went inside the domes as the call them.

Colored marks on pipes showed where Hard Hats hit them thus saving the head of the user

Stainless steel pipes of all sizes are all over the place and if you’re not careful you’re always bumping your head on one of them. Had it not been for the hard hat I would have surely as night and day I would have knocked myself out hundreds of times and required medical care all the time.

Steel Toed Shoes were required usage by Construction Workers

Since I was not a construction worker I wasn’t required to wear steel-toed shoes, which helped protect your feet if something, heavy should fall on them. While I was employed there I did observe one worker have a steel beam fall on his one foot and because he was wearing a steel toed shoe he walked away with no side effects other then having the crapped scared out of him. If it had been me I’m sure going home to change my pants would have been necessary.

Proper Protection in the work place is the number one reason for helping keep medical costs down.

Don L. Terrill

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Lower Medical Bills are produced by wearing eye protection

Safety Glasses are Sight Savers

When we first moved to North Carolina we purchased a two-apartment condo. The inside of the apartment was in great need of updating. My wife and I moved in and started are improvements by tackling the kitchen first. Before being a condo configuration the apartments were first occupied by the arm forces during WW2. So you can imagine the challenges we faced when we first started undertaking are renovations. All piping was the steel variety and many pipes were actually imbedded in sections of the cement used in building the apartment unit. During cutting some of these pipes located under the kitchen sink and tubs I got steel shavings in one eye and required medical assistance at the local hospital. The charge for removing the steel shavings and follow up with an eye specialist cost over ten thousand dollars. These medical charges and discomfort could have been avoided by wearing safety glasses.

Employees cared for themselves

Years ago in previous generations employee safety was taken care of by the employee and if someone got hurt the expenses of that tragedy was handled by the employee and their family.

Lost his arm and partial eyesight while working for the railroad

Sid worked for my Grandfather for probably twenty years and acted in the capacity of a security guard. He lost his right arm while falling off a railroad bridge and his shotgun accidentally went off almost blowing off his right arm and loosing some sight in his right eye when the butt of the gun hit the ground. He was one of the lucky ones according to him. He had to walk five miles while his arm dangled at his right side. His doctor said he didn’t know how his patient managed to survive all the blood loss. The railroad paid all his medical bills and rehired him when he got well. Not many employers during that time in our countries history were that generous. Eventually he received a small pension from the railroad and then started working for my Grandfather in his Boat and Amusement Business.

Blowing Sand

My families Amusement Park was located on the shores of Lake Michigan in a small town called St. Joseph. During the fall months snow fencing was put up in long rows to help stop the sand from blowing away. The fences created large rows of sand that had to be bull dozed level in the spring. Sid not only helped put up the fence but he helped take it down. If the wind was blowing he always wore protective glasses which other employees often kidded him about. But he knew the value of such protection, because he almost lost his sight and his very life.

What is the value of one arm and one eye?

Don L. Terrill

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Free Prescriptions

Increase the dosage and cut in half

Sometimes depression catches me with my pants down and a pill is required to pull my pants up. On very rare occasions two pills are required to achieve the desired results. One day while waiting to see my family doctor a prescription price reduction sale passed before my eyes. That’s when I realized that a small observation could save me a few coins. I told my doctor that one pill just wasn’t working for me all the time, which was the truth. He then after some discussion increased my prescription dosage by one hundred percent and then suggested if I only needed the smaller dose cut the pill in half, which I do most of the time. Now before doing this to ask your pharmacist and or doctor if cutting your pill in half is ok? If my memory serves me correctly the additional dosage on my prescription costs me an additional six dollars for a ninety-day supply.

Your Doctor has your best interest in mind

Im sure your doctor wasn’t born yesterday and probably realizes what your doing, but most doctors contrary to some people are kind, compassionate and have your best interest in mind. And will see your objective and up your dosage if it’s in their realm of doing. And I’m not sure that anyone is doing anything wrong doing this. After all you’re paying for the pills and by doing this are getting the best price reduction you can get. It may seem wrong but I truly believe its ok.

Cut you Tomato in Half

It’s kind of like going to the grocery store and purchase one tomato but will only use half of it at any time. The tomato and pill is yours once you pay for it; consequently you can consume them as you wish. So I don’t really see any wrongdoing here concerning cutting the pill in half.

Put your Cards of the Table

Sit down with your doctor and put all your cards of the table and explain to them that making ends meet is getting harder and harder all the time. And during that frank discussion ask if your prescriptions dosages can be doubled and then cut in half by you, thus saving you many bucks. Once again I see no wrong doing here and once again you’re paying for the prescriptions and not asking for a hand out. For all I know this practice maybe widely used already and I’m just recently picking up on it. After all it’s the American way to get the most bang for the bucks you have.

Don L. Terrill

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Save on Medical Bills by not doing this

Multi-Tasting while Driving

My lovely wife has always told me that only women can Multi-Task. I have no way of proving this thought but I certainly don’t qualify for doing more then one thing at a time. Maybe girls come by this naturally because they not only watch the children and that’s a full time job, but also do all the other chores around the homestead at the same time.

Watch the Drivers Around You

Have you ever really paid attention to the people driving around you? Well give it a whirl sometime while you’re a passenger, you’ll be amazed at what you see.


My wife and I like eating out and sometimes when we have the GrandChildren we hit MC Donalds it user friendly to the family because the children get a toy and we pay less to eat. And this particular location we like going to services probably more drive in people then those going inside. But heres the bad thing about drive ins. Most of these people are eating while their driving and thats a huge no no while driving.

Talking on the Cell Phone

Is the number one reason for causing accidents on the roadways. One day while waiting for the red light to change I counted four people talking on their cell phone while driving thru the green light in front of me.

Driving & Reading

Not too long ago while my wife and I were driving to a lunch engagement we noticed a girl driving and reading a book. She had the book leaning against her steering wheel. She was in a constant state of bobbing up and down.

Glove Box

Just recently there was a skit on the tv news, which showed a car partly inside this house. Apparently the driver was trying to find some information in the glove box and lost sight of what they were doing and ran off the road and ended up driving the car half way into someone’s living room. Can you in vision how the driver explained this accident? Probably said whats for dinner?

Distractions Inside the Car

John was for the most part a congenial guy until he stepped into his car. The inside of his car looked like a junk yard that I used to visit when I was a younger person. John was one of those people that never discarded anything. And each layer of crud was a history of his life. He had so much stuff in the car that he couldn’t give you a ride if he wanted to. One time he hit the brake pedal and nothing happened and he hit the car in front of him. Apparently one of his trash items got logged under the brake pedal and that caused the accident. He was sighted for failing to stop and too many obstructions blocking his view of sight.


Smoking involves numerous maneuvers here’s just a few.
  1. Flicking the ash either out the window or in the ash tray
  2. Needs to be held by two fingers of either hand
  3. Lighting up distracts from driving
  4. Dropping hot ash on ones self has caused accidents
Instructing Children while looking in the back seat.

This could be one of the most harmful things parents can do while driving. I know this because I’ve done it numerous times myself.

All of the aforementioned activities should be avoided while driving. If we all did that our medical costs would go down and many heartaches would be avoided.

Don L. Terrill

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Being Yourself will Lower your Medical Bills

Ever Get in a Rut?

For the last three days I seem to have lost my ability to be me. Maybe I’m in a rut and need to try different things rather then following my normal course during a day. So here goes. Normally if I drink any soda it will be of the diet variety. So change one today is. I’m right now drinking a regular coke and guess what? I feel better already.

Changing Your Routine is a Good Thing

I’m starting to think maybe doing different things in life is a good thing, rather then doing the same routine all the time. It seems like I’ve been unhappy with my weight all my life. Of course in my younger years that wasn’t a problem, primarily because if I didn’t make it to mealtime my plate was removed from the table.

Is Your Weight like an Elevator going Up and Down?

Just think about how much time you waste thinking and trying to lose what you conceive is bad for you. Were spending our whole life putting on and talking off weight. That cant be good for us. I have a hunch we would be healthier if we found a way to maintain a certain weight and just stay there. Who’s to say what is the right weight for you? I have a feeling that someday people will be heavier because science will say that’s the best thing for our body.

Free Yourself and Find Yourself

Well I for one am done doing this foolishness. Starting right now while I’m writing these words I proclaiming myself a free person and as such I will never again forfeit the joy of being alive for trying to be better then I am. Cause here’s the deal I’m really ok with who I am and how I feel about things. Sure I’ve had my hard knocks and done some pretty stupid things, but who hasn’t? Were all just human and being human at least in my definition of life means that living is the number one thing to do. And you Like me need to stop trying to improve the person we are and realize there is only one of us in all the universe. If that isn’t special enough I don’t know what is.

Take Credit for what you have Accomplished

As I’m typing here I’m thinking about myself and what my efforts have produced for me being myself and guess what its not all that bad being myself and what I’ve been able to accomplish in my life. No I’m not driving a rich car nor are my pockets filled with the coins of the rich. But I look around my life and see and feel the results of being a good person who cares and loves love.

Be Yourself

Remember being yourself and happy with who you are, is the only path to true physical and emotional wellness. And emotional wellness doesn’t require as many pills and that will lower your medical costs.

Don L. Terrill

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Alcohol Abuse creates higher medical expenses

Beer Please

I remember when I first turned twenty-one and boy was it cool to belly up to the bar and request a beer. And what a joy it was to be able to produce a valid drivers license, which every bartender asked for till they got to know me.

I Always Lucked Out

Some how thru pure luck and cops that knew my parents I survived getting any drinking related traffic tickets. One time when I hadn’t been drinking, I got stopped late at night and had to walk the middle line in the road. Back then breathing in devices weren’t in operation yet. The cop acted kind of mad like he was disappointed I passed all his walking etc requirements. I vaguely remember him saying consider yourself lucky this time but remember Ill be paying close attention to you from now on. I never got stopped by him again. Later I read in the paper where he got in a bar fight and lost his Wyatt Earp badge and gun. I guess rather then me maybe he should have been walking the white line.

Senior Year and Could Buy Beer

My graduating class which I unfortunately didn’t get to walk the stage with and get my diploma. I failed a half-year of Biology and that required me to go to summer school the year my classmates graduated. Had I graduated I would have been the only one able to buy beer. I guess in modern terms I was a Special Education Student. I dropped out of school when I was sixteen and didn’t return till I was nineteen and then started in the ninth grade. At one point I had three different tutors and always took classes in the summer time. I finally got my needed credits and my parents were happy and so was I. It was a long haul but a huge learning experience.

The Stool & I Were Companions

Sorry about that journey thru memory lane. Sometimes while writing my memories take over and my fingers translate that thinking to the keyboard. I remember two accessions when I hugged the stool sitting on the floor. It’s amazing the comfort one experiences because the stool was slightly cooler and that seemed to make things better.

Now a Small Amount of Wine Suffices

Today a little wine is my forte and if too much is consumed I’m either home or my lovely wife handles the driving.

Alcohol Abuse Is Everywhere

Today alcohol abuse is the major reason why everyone’s insurance is as high as it is. We live in a southern community, which like most towns has one major route that boasts the most traffic fatalities in the area. Are favorite crash street is called college road, probably called that because the states largest college is located on or near it. And yes many of the incidents are caused by students who drive too fast or act out new driving fads in the community. It’s not unusual to seeing students racing to see who can get somewhere first. This section of road is so popular it claims the distinction of having seven traffic related incidents on average every day.

Both Hands Should Be on the Wheel

Drinking and driving is the primary reason why we all pay so much more then we should for medical insurance. So give a helping hand and don’t drive with one hand on the wheel if the other hand is holding a bottle of alcohol.

Don L. Terrill

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Free Healthcare

Department of Health and Human Services

This state agency used to be casually referred to as welfare. But as time passed, all involved realized that this word implied as least in the mind of many as a negative thing. So many people wouldn't us the system because it implied they were free loaders. That’s why you will not read or hear this word anywhere mentioned in the process of applying for or receiving benefits from this state-providing agency.

Food & Shelter was there First Priority

At first food and shelter was this state agencies main concern. Today they cover almost every aspect of the human experience from newborns to the elderly of our society. Today if you need help and qualify you can get a whole range of help.

Call the Dept of Social Services

To apply for help you need to contact your local Department of Social Services Office. Every county of every state has a local office. You will find your local DSS by looking under the letter S in the phone book. Call and ask to speak to someone about getting help. They will direct you to someone who will help you. You will sometime during this process be required to share with them information about yourself. So please have your social security number, address, telephone # available.

Crisis Situations

Lets create a family crisis situation and see how it would play out. Maybe your husband, you and your four children moved here from another state. And then things went from bad to worse and your husband walked out the door one week ago and you haven’t seen him since. You have no family members living here to help you. Maybe your children are eating the last of their cereal and when that’s gone there’s nothing else to eat. And to make matters worse you don’t have any money and have no phone to use to get help. Maybe this is not you now but you see yourself heading in that direction. Now is the time to put your pride away and make one phone call to Social Services and tell them of your situation. They will assign you a caseworker and that person will ask you to come in or they will come to you depending on what your situation is. Maybe you need emergency help right away or maybe you just need a little help to stabilize you and your children’s lives. Don’t hold back anything; tell your situation as it really is. If your fearing for your life and the life of your children say it like it is. The more your caseworker knows the better they can help you.

Family Protection

Maybe you have been physically abused by your husband or boyfriend and you need relocation to protect yourself and your children this agency along with other government agencies will help protect you and your family while in the same process go after the one that is harming you and your family. This is no time to hold back and make excuses for the one abusing you.

Dental Help

Maybe your life is ok but you need dental help for yourself and your children. If you qualify they will give you a card indicating you have dental coverage and you can get all your dental needs taken care of.

Go Ahead and Get a Helping Hand

Here’s the bottom line if you need help call the Social Services in your county and they will help you get the assistance you need to make your life better. It’s the first step in making yourself independent. And all of us sometime in our life need that helping hand.

Don L. Terrill

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Better Health Benefits Everyone

Employers are Offering Incentives to Employees

Many companies today are taking the offensive and offering their employees incentive goals that will greatly benefit both the company and the employees. Yes employers have a motive and that motive to make employees happier at work and healthier so they won’t be taking sick days because of poor habits. Smoking and losing weight is in the forefront of this employer plan of attack. Employers are using many approaches to achieve their objectives. One is to offer more benefits to those that reach a certain level of performance by either doing something or maintaining a certain level of performance. Companies are learning that they have a large range of choices available to them. Stopping people from smoking and hiring people that don’t smoke is a huge plus for them financially. Non smoking and less over weight employees miss less work and use the company offered health insurance less. Both of these improvements greatly increase productivity and increase the money statement that is showed to their shareholders.

Offering Better Working conditions

I just recently watched a tv news presentation involving a California Computer Company nestled in what they call Silicon Valley. This company is offering ever changing working conditions that are suggested by employee assigned groups like more sunlight, better seats and computer keyboard situations that are more user friendly and less stressful physically on the user.

Free Health Benefits

Also the company offers free medical coverage to those employees who meet that companies health measurements. Like not smoking, weight levels, passing their drug test regiment and not having any alcohol related violations for a certain period of time. Sure this seems like an invasion of a persons rights but you couldn’t prove that by the conversations of those employees that shared there working conditions with a well-known news commentator. The employees that participated did so at there own discretion and all to a head said it was the greatest working environment they have ever experienced.

Free Day Care

This company even offered in house day care so that employees could visit their children during there free time while working. They even offered at their cost the diapers and other baby care items that the children needed while attending the company’s day care facility.

Making Better Employees

Currently these types of companies are in short supply but evidence is showing that other companies are slowly following their lead and developing new environments that produce more production by helping employees be more health conscious and thru that process create happier employees.

Open Minded People can Make a Difference

When opened minded people ban together for the sole purpose of producing a product or service they can and should consider all sides of a relationship between the employer and the employees. Doing this will produce and create benefits for all people involved.

Everyone Benefits

Good health in the work force creates a better employee and creates more profit for the company and that’s the magic that makes the system work the best that it can. And everyone wins when health cost are kept to there minimum.

Don L. Terrill

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Diligence and Practice keeps my Medical Costs down

Listen to Your Inner Voice That Says Caution

I think we’ve all have had those moments when were about to do something and our inner voice is telling us not to do it but we do it anyway. I can recall many moments like that. Sometimes I continued and discomfort was my reward for not paying attention to the caution sign my brain was flashing before my eyes. Sometimes I barely escaped being hurt. And then like yesterday all went well when the voice slightly warned me of a possibly incident. I have this six-foot wood stepladder that’s been with me for over eight years. During these years it sometimes was left out in the rain and that caused some of the steps to crack; I fixed this problem by placing plastic straps on them, it seemed to fix the problem. Yesterday I used this ladder to get high enough to clean off the pinecones and leaves that were on top of our two metal sheds. The cleaning went ok but I had that funny feeling I was making a big mistake.

I Knew Better

Just now I took my breakfast out of the microwave and almost dropped the hot bowl of oatmeal because I didn’t use something to lower the heat affect on my fingers. And here’s the deal both of these things could have caused something to happen and maybe in the process make me to react in a way that will hurt myself. Then maybe medical help would be required by seeing my doctor or going to the hospital. Maybe even an ambulance would be requested because I couldn’t move. The point I’m making is that everyday in some fashion or form we make decisions that are mind tells us are wrong and we do it any way.

Pay Attention to What Your Doing

While I was employed at this Senior High-rise Facility I observed many human accidents that didn’t need to happen and could have been avoided if the party or parties in question payed attention to what they were doing and the warning signs that were being echoed in their ears. And most of these incidents required immediate healthcare service or caused problems that sometimes plagued the participants for part of for the rest of their life. Either way the results were the same we make judgment calls and ignore the warning signs and then things happen and medical products or services are required sometimes for the rest of are life.

Don't Let Your Pride Hurt You

Most of these accidents at this facility could have been avoided had the participants been using better judgment and realized they needed assistance at certain times and had not let their pride stand in the way of making good healthy decisions for themselves and others.

I'm not Perfect But I'm Trying

Having experienced these unfortunate events has given me insight into making my life better by watching what I do and keep myself in good working order. I’m by no means perfect but I’m working at it and that’s probably the best any of us can do.

We All Can Improve Ourselves

Two-week ends ago I had the joy and pleasure to have our immediate family members over for a casual meet to share an easy preparation of taco related food. During times like this I spend as much time as I can with the three local Grand Children, which are all under five. To play at there level required me to get down closer to the floor. During the getting up and down I realized the need to improve the way I get up and down. Since then I have been practicing the up and down process and its amazing how easy it is when you practice ways to do it and in the process improve the less likely hood of hurting myself and then raising my medical expenses.

Don L. Terrill

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Marry for good health insurance

Marriage Can Help a Friend

As far as I’m concerned marriage is a connection of two people being in love with each other and shouldn’t be undertaken for any other reason. Well I’ve somewhat adjusted my thinking on this subject matter. When a person reaches a certain age love kind of develops into a different form of relationship and thought love should be the primary reason I think there are other reasons for joining hands in the legal sense. Sometimes what marriage often lacks is true friendship, sure you can still love each other but not have that special connection friends have. My lovely wife has this girlfriend in Michigan and on the surface you would wonder why there friends. But I guess that’s the magic of friendship it requires nothing of each party and that’s all there is to it.

Friends are Forever

My wife has not seen her friend in probably three years yet when they talk on the phone its like it was just yesterday when they last talked. They on the surface seem to have nothing in common, yet each would be there for the other if their friend needed them.

They Were Married and Shared a Duplex

When I was younger and lived in California I often took small jobs to make ends meet. One day while mowing this ladies lawn a man stepped in my way and asked if I could do some handy man work for him. I said yes and he pointed to a duplex just down the street. When I got there I discovered he and his wife each lived in one of the two duplexes. I worked for them on and off for probably a month and during this time they often invited me to dinner in each of their apartments. Finally my curiosity got the best of me and I asked his wife why they didn’t live together in one of the duplexes. His wife a very straightforward lady who never mixed words and always got right to the point. She said they married because they were friends and that’s why they wanted to be close to each other. I’m not sure that I understood her meaning but they were nice people and that’s all that mattered to me. Apparently they were tenants in common and that meant each owned all of the duplex. Should one die the other would be the sole owner.

He Married to Give his Friend Better Health Insurance

While enjoying one their generous offers of feeding me they with the looseness of some nice tasting wine decided to share their relationship with me. Both grew up together and always spent time with each other. Then she and her parents moved to a different state and they lost sight of each other. Then ten years later both being separated from marriage by the death of their partner, met by chance while walking thru a wooded park area. At first they said they passed each other and then both turned at the same time and realized who they had just seen. It was as if they never left each other. The said they sat on a bench and talked till the sun went away. From that they reconnected that decided to get married because he had good health insurance and that would help his childhood friend who was having health issues and needed help making ends meet. Both had homes and before they got married they purchased the duplex by selling each of their homes. They had the best of both worlds they loved being friends and also wanted the privacy of their own place and only married to make things worked well for their friendship.

Marriage is for Lovers, But Friendship is a Good Second

They married for friendship and that’s the second best reason for joining hands in holy matrimony. She also lowered her medical overhead and that pleased them both. Who better to have as your neighbor then your best friend?

Don L. Terrill

photo by sillygwailo

Prescriptions are lowest at Wal-Mart

When It Comes to Prescriptions Shop Around

Boy did I get an eye opening experience yesterday. A couple months ago my doctor suggested I start taking Simvastatin 20MG. I had my first prescription filled at Cosco’s and paid something in the area of seventy dollars for a thirty-day supply. We returned to Cosco’s and discovered they had changed their thirty supply to one hundred and twelve dollars and this included a slight reduction because of a new drug card I acquired days earlier. So without the new card the prescription would have been even higher. My wife and I declined the prescription and checked around for a lower price. After calling three other locations we discovered that Wal-Mart was the lowest price. A thirty-day supply with them was just a few bucks over fifty dollars.

You Save More by Buying a Larger Quantity

We then found out thru talking to the Wal-Mart prescription Rep that since I had no drug insurance coverage they could fill my prescription for ninety days and that would even save us more money. So we opted for the ninety-day supply and the entire bill was one hundred nineteen dollars and sixty-eight cents.

My Wife Found the Best Deal in Town

I wonder about all the people who just pay whatever the price is and never check around thinking that all drug prescription places are probably selling things at pretty much the same price. Nothing apparently could be further from thinking that way.

My Job Gave me Prescription Benefits

Before opting for early retirement I had prescription coverage with a local town I worked for and then only paid ten or twenty dollars for a prescription depending on whether it was a brand name or generic.

Nothing Better Then a Free Market System

Yesterday re instilled my faith in the free market system and above all I learned to never take the first price you get and always shop around for the best deal wherever it is. So take it from one who knows by personal experience Wal-Mart is the number one best place to save on prescription drugs that I know of. There seems to be a lot of controversy about Wal-Mart and their hiring. And I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. But I do know one thing I’m grateful for the opportunity to save on my prescriptions. Now don’t take my word for this call and ask them for a ninety-day supply quote on your prescriptions and you might we quite surprised how much money you can save.

While Waiting We Saved More Money in the Food Section

While we waited for the prescription to be filled we wondered thru the food section and saved even more money.

The Best Prescription Prices are at WalMart

When we picked up the prescription we joined in conversation with three people waiting in line to have their prescriptions filled. Each of them told the same story I have shared with you; they too couldn’t believe the amounts they were paying prior to going to Wal-Mart. So there you have it from the horse’s mouth and four human mouths, the best prescriptions prices are located at Wal-Mart.

So if your looking to lower your medical costs may I boldly suggest Wal-Mart.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Brave New Films


Sharing food and drink is a disaster waiting to happen

Avoid Sickly People

Have you ever paid attention to those individuals that always seem to be at some level of being sick? Now I’m not suggesting we react like the days when people got small pox while crossing the America and then were required to travel way behind the wagon train so they wouldn’t contaminate the other travelers. No but I am suggesting when possible use restraint in residing with them in small contained areas. Like for example the inside of a car or etc. Also one might want to refrain from hugging, kissing and other close contacting situations. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting you become like Howard Hughes did and see contamination every where and went to extremes to avoid people and literally become a hermit and chose to live in a environment without other real contact with any other humans.

Sharing Got Him Gum Disease

I have one family member that wouldn’t listen to common sense and shared drinks with other kids. Then one day while having a regular tooth cleaning the doctor viewed the beginning stages of gum disease and that was forty years ago. Even today that condition still raises its ugly head and treatments are required again.

I Only Share Drinks with My Wife

Two years ago while attending a local River Art Festival a family member asked to share a small drink of my pop? I said I don’t share drinks with anyone except my wife. He the asker was greatly offended at my refusal and even today still makes reference to that situation. He was offended that I thought he carried a bad disease of something. I tried to explain my concerns and also I said I didn’t want to give something to the one I love. I have the feeling that this refusal on my part may well bother him for the rest of his life. I would love to resolve this problem for him, because he’s important to me but not at the expense of doing something stupid like sharing a drink from the same bucket.

Two College Kids Shared Food and Drink

Last night my wife and I decided to enjoy our last fat meal at Hardee's we really enjoy their chicken. We’ve decided to follow a different eating plan for the purpose of lowering the extra weight were carrying around. During our visit there I noticed a boy and girl sitting together. Only one ordered food and drink. The other shared everything with her. I’m sure they were college kids because the local college is walking distance from where they were eating. And that’s when my thoughts wondered back to my family member who shared cokes and still today hasn’t entirely recovered from that gum condition that he know doubt contracted from one of the members of the coke sharing group.

Don't Hide the Truth

Generally speaking I suspect most people enjoy the company of numerous partners till they finally connect with the one they want to spend their life with. Imagine having to explain to that special person a condition you acquired while using poor judgment in your life? If this sounds like you and you love this person you would want to share your physical condition and hopefully they will have the wisdom to understand that things happen and most happenings can be safely dealt with. If not you have still done the right thing even though it cost you dearly. Imagine not telling and then experience what your partner will say when they discover the truth you didn’t share with them?

Use Caution When Sharing

Being careful can help in preventing future hurts and costly medical mistakes. Remember caution now will help reduce your medical costs later.

Don L. Terrill

photo by sporkist


Haste and Ice raised his medical costs

Always use the Safest Path

At the time I think Dave was sixty-seven and pretty springy for his age. He lives in Michigan and like all Michiganders faces ice and snow every year. I have this theory that the longer were conscious of something the more we will normalize it and then pay it less attention as life moves on. Dave like most of us takes out the trash on a weekly basis and that keeps harmony flowing with his lovely wife of many moons. This day according to him, he avoided his normal path to the curb and opted for a more dangerous route because a large pile of blown snow blocked his normal journey. Also today he was rushing because he could see the trash truck only houses away from picking up his stuff. Normally he would have moved the trash to the curb the day before pickup. Last night he procrastinated and opted for jumping in the bed.

Don't Rush while on the Ice

He said between rushing and not being careful he slipped on some hidden ice under the snow and fell. His wife came to his rescue and the ambulance was called. In the hospital he was diagnosed with a pulled muscle malfunction in his left leg and required a cast and wouldn’t be walking for four or so months. This not only cost a bundle to fix but also impacted on his emotional wellness since his movement provided wellness to his body as well as his brain.

Carelessness Cost Him Five Months

I used to see Dave all the time at our local lodge meetings and other social events. I think I remember someone saying he was out of commission for over five months. And even when the cement was removed from his leg crunches were in order so that pressure could be avoided somewhat on the leg.

Out of Pocket Costs Hurt

Even thought Dave was drawing Medicare his financial situation required he pay a lot out of pocket costs that Medicare and his supplement didn’t pay for. His wife for the first time in their marriage joined the working force to help them make ends meet. I got the impression that really bothered Dave. I guess he always took pride in providing for his family and felt the pressure of not being able to continue that routine.

Even His Daughter Had to Adjust

His daughter also had to change her life direction and temporary selected to not take a full course load and aid her Father while her Mother mingled in the work world.

He Will Never be the Same

In time with a slight limp, more weight and less get up and go Dave returned to being regular or as regular as he could be. But there were changes that weren’t likely to change and return him to his normal life. First his wife found she liked working and decided not to stop. Second his daughter found love and opted to raise a family rather then continue doing the college thing.

I Was an Ear to Listen To

When all the dust cleared Dave and I found ourselves sitting at the local pub and enjoying the enlightenment that alcohol sometime brings in moderation. This night was not going to be one of them. During our first sips of beer and two shots we both joined the rest of the bar setters and settled into revealing all our thoughts and concerns about life. In bar drinking situations the normal stance is this, one listens and the other talks. This was my night to listen. Dave wanted his life back and I just mostly listened, agreed and shook my head a lot. After forty minutes or so I retreated to a table with my arriving wife and Dave found a new ear to talk to.

Change is Normal

I don’t think like is ever normal. Normal implies no change and changes come everyday know matter whether we like it or not. Ignoring or crying about spilled milk is a life filled with unwellness and more time alone. I have learned that change is normal and gladly greet it with open arms.

Hast and Speed Cost Him Money

Dave forced his healthcare to rise because he was in a hurry and didn’t take the time to be careful. Speed of motion and carelessness are ingredients for disaster and that frequently means higher health costs.

Don L. Terrill

photo by re-ality


Free Prescriptions

Free Drugs if You Qualify

One of my older family members gave me a tip probably a year ago on how to get free prescription drugs via your doctors help. She told me that as longs as she qualified she would get of two of her drugs free and she takes a number thru a drug company or companies for reasons that aren’t clearly clear to me. Though the world being the way it is I’m sure there’s probable a tax benefit available to them. Now before you say anything I’m a great believer in a free society where people take make their own success story with hard work and creative thinking. So if their getting some benefit from helping people get free drugs then I’m one hundred percent behind that thinking.

I Take One for Blood Pressure and The Other for Cholesterol

I take two drugs one is Diovan, which helps keep my blood pressure under control. The other is Simvastatin, which I just started taking in the hope it will lower my cholesterol level, which according to my family doctor is a tad high.

While surfing on the Internet I discovered a program called P.P.A.P

Novartis Patient Assistance Program
PO Box 66556
St. Louis, MO 63166-6556

Call or Use the Internet

Calling or using the internet will run you thru a question and answer period where you will find out if you qualify and if they offer the prescriptions your taking. I discovered they dispense one prescription I take. They also offer a membership card, which in the first year is free. After the first year its twenty dollars a year to be a member. You have a free year to see if it helps you. You might be nicely surprised how much it saves you.

There's Know Free Lunch

Once again I want to still make my thoughts felt. Nothing in life is free except what God offers. All other things are pushed with a motive behind them. And the motive is financial gain. Now once again this is what makes the wheels in the world work and that wheel process is what feeds and promotes the human race. My adopted Father who I miss frequently always said there’s no free lunch and that’s the truth of the human experience. Now with further a do lets return to the subject at hand.

Fill Out Application, Doctor Signs and Attaches a Prescription for Three Months

My family member says she qualifies for two free bee prescriptions she takes thru her program. She is required to fill out a yearly application, which is easily completed by my observations, and her words and then your doctor or doctors must finish completing their part of the application and then you mail in the completed application. The prescriptions you qualify for will be sent directly to your doctor and you will be required to pick them up there. The majority of drugs will be dispensed in ninety-day supplies.

Got the Free Pills in About One Month

According to my family member it takes a month or so to get the ball rolling but then its downhill from then as long as you continue to qualify.

And Other Drug Companies are Probably Doing the Same thing

This program is just one drug company I’m sure there are many more offering the same type of help to others. Use the internet, talk to you doctors or converse with other people and you’ll probably be surprised to find many opportunities to receive reduced or free prescription drugs. A little effort on you part can go along way in lowering your medical costs.

Don L. Terrill

photo by jeffk

Less Trans Fats equal less medical costs

Fat is Good & Bad

Fat in safe quantities is one of the vital necessities for the human body to grow and maintain good mental and physical health. Too much fat reverses this affect on us and becomes a bad thing. And to make things even worse; the food industry introduced Trans Fats, which is created when hydrogen is added to vegetable oil. Manufacturers liked this product because it increased the shelf life of their foods and also helped maintained the taste to last longer in their food product. Its know wonder it took hold by the public and was greeted with open taste buds. That is until the public started getting the message that Trans Fats if consumed in large quantities can lead to coronary heart disease (CHD), which claims the lives of five hundred thousand people in America. Which makes it one of the leading causes of death in this country.

KFC Has Said It's Removing Trans Fats from it Cooking Process

Leading Food providers are starting to get the picture and are slowly beginning to remove Trans Fats from their food preparation process. Just recently the KFC signaled it was going to eliminate the use of Trans Fats in its cooking process. I welcome the message and hope other food providers get on board and stop using the man made product.

Making Healthy Choices

Today my lovely wife and I with other family members in tow are making life style changes that are making our bodies less susceptible to heart disease and related issues. I am enjoying my golden years and hope to be here for many years to come.

I Was a Trans Fat Abuser

I must confess that while being divorced I developed a lifestyle that included many bad food selections to eat. Like balcony, double cheeseburgers, fries and similar fast foods that met my needs but didn’t help my body. Today a double cheeseburger is enjoyed maybe only twice monthly at McDonald’s. I’m sure if they dropped the trans fat cooking in their stuff I would be more inclined to stop by on a more frequent basis.

Blood Letting Used To Be Popular

I’m not inclined to change my life just because a study produces results that something maybe harmful to my health if I consume it. I think more studies then just one need to be explored before eating habits can really be pointed out as bad for you. Years ago during George Washington’s time the habit of blood letting was a very common practice to use to supposedly help promote a persons good health. I think I read somewhere that are first president was aided in his path to rest in peace by using the blood draining process on him during list his last few days on earth. And just think of all the times we’ve been told something is good or bad for us and then in time they find the real truth thru time and testing. Everyday either on tv or in the newspaper people are telling us were doing or eating the wrong stuff.

Ninety Five Year Old, Loves Whisky, Cigars and Fat

I met this elderly colored gentlemen while hiking thru the woods in upper Michigan. He proudly spoke of being ninety-nine and shared many of his vices with me. Which included drinking whisky daily and three or so cigars. Also he offered me something that was crunchy that contained mostly fat according to him. He said fat was good for you. I guess we all have our own thoughts about how to live longer. But unlike most of us he was demonstrating his theory by still being alive. While I rested and enjoyed his company he chopped wood for the winter. I guess we could be wrong about fat, God knows we have been wrong more times then right about many medical approaches to healing over the years.

A Long Life Is More Then About Food

He told me he enjoyed my company but suggested I leave before the sun set. I got good directions back and from time to time I remember that very special man. I have a hunch that the gentlemen found the solution in being ok and loving the way he lived.

I Still Believe in Moderation

As for the fat thing, Ill leave that decision to you. For me Ill continue moderation and write an article about it when I hit ninety-nine, like my woodsman acquaintance.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Kables


Moderation and lower health costs go hand in hand

Information About You Will Determine Your Health Costs

Whether we like this thought or not information is readily available to anyone that wants to pay for it. And companies in the medical coverage business are using that information to formulate what you’re going to pay for health insurance. Kind of makes you feel like a terrorist doesn’t it? Maybe that’s a bad choice of words for comparison but reality is what it is and as much as its legal companies seek information about you for gauging if you’re a good candidate for the services or products they are selling. Especially if your over weight, have indications of alcohol abuse and smoke.

Warning Signs

I would highly recommend my general practitioner to anyone but even he probes regularly for changes in my lifestyle that will give him clues in helping me keep my feet firmly planted on this planet we call earth rather then residing under it. Maybe thru our conversational stage he or one of his medical staff will hear a word that will prompt them to write a word or check a box that will show him signs that I’m making at least from his perspective bad choices and if not nipped in the bud maybe or slightly will produce results whereby I will be consuming more medical help in my pursuing years. These are warning signs that he will skillfully inject into our conversations in the hope that he can persuade me to make changes in how I’m handling my life.

Swimming Alone Can Be Dangerous

Have you ever noticed how some people wander thru life and never make a ripple in the water? I remember one time when I was swimming with the friends of my youth when two wheeled body driven cycles were are main mode of transportation. On this particular summer day we were all enjoying this clay sliding water stream we called are special super secret place and only seven of us knew about it. The flowing water was probably twenty feet wide and twelve feet deep in the middle. A huge limb hung over the stream and on the limb we tied a rope and put a noose on the other end that dangled above the water when no was using it for showing off. One day I caught my foot in it and almost drowned but for help of one on the companions of my youth. That careless behavior is the kind of information being used to determine the fate of the money in your wallet.

Your Actions Play a Huge Part in Determining Your Health Costs

What you do with your life and how you handle that journey will in part determine what your medical costs will be in your life. For example getting a ticket for being under the influence of alcohol may increase your car insurance coverage by one hundred percent. And then only years of good driving will slightly remove the penalties of your bad judgment when driving that day under the influence.

Moderation is a Good Path to Follow

I’m sure were all trying to live happy lives and enjoy the by products of that behavior. But never forget moderation in all things is probably a good way to save on health care costs.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Brent and MariLynn


Healthcare shopping is always required doing

Negotiating for a Better Deal is Always a Good Idea

I sometimes I think Americans have never really acquired the fine art of haggling for a good deal. I used to marvel at a neighbor of my Mothers. She was truly the master of the fine art of getting the best deal in town. I remember during my high school years I would from time to time give her a small hand doing a small projects she was involved with. On this one occasion I was cleaning up the basement area of an apartment complex that she rented out and lived in. During this time I was sweeping and rearranging things per her instructions, at the same time she was also was negotiating with a heating and plumbing person to update part of her heating system. And I couldn’t help but chuckle how she managed to get the deal she was looking for. First he wrote up a work order and presented it to her. She then with the patience of a saint slowly maneuvered in and out adding or deleting things that she wanted done. When the dust cleared and he said this is my last and final offer she added the last word on the transaction with would you prefer cash of check? Cash of course was his response. And then she said you let me know the day your going to be done and Ill gather up the money so I can pay you when your finished. It’s amazing how givers of service smile when they heard those words. Now in case your not aware there are two reasons why cash is most of the time preferred by contractors. One: Cash doesn’t required to be put in the books of the business, thus paying taxes isn’t a high priority. Two: Contractors are always in a state of flux one minute they have enough money and next their borrowing money to pay their bills and labor requirements. A contractor friend of mine told me that lawyers are the worse in paying their bills; they know the law and use that knowledge to make contractors wait till the cow comes home before they get paid.

She Always Get the Best Deal

I sometimes wonder if my lovely wife didn’t apprentice under this neighbor lady. My wife also knows the in and out of getting the deal breaking deal. She practices this art of haggling differently then the previous haggler but the results are the same. My wife has numerous incredible abilities and reading the fine print is one of them. Yesterday she spent five minutes sitting in her favorite chair and developed her game plan for going shopping. She said while exiting the house that this is the best day of the week. Later in the day I learned why? It was double coupon day and that small trip to the grocery store saved us sixty-four green backs and that’s a couple fine tasting bottles of wine.

Never Take the First Offer

Here’s the jest of what I’m trying to explain savings are everywhere and shopping around is a great way to make a deal you can live cheaper with. Not too long ago I had to leave the comfort of my almost twenty years of working for a municipality and join the ranks of those being on their own to find the best deal they could. All to often which was discovered by my neighbor who discovered better deals are gained by not taking the first offer that comes down the pike. He like I would if not for the diligence of my lovely wife grabbed the first healthcare supplement made to him. He was explaining his decision and my wife couldn’t help but hear what he was saying. He chose a health plan we turned down because quoting his words I trusted the person I was talking to. Apparently they used to be car-selling salesmen and because of that he just knew he was getting the best deal in town. My wife called our healthcare provider they called him and reviewed his policy and saved him an addition twenty percent.

Get the Best Reduction You Can

My wife has by her diligence proved over and over again that the first offer is seldom if ever the best offer. Sure it requires effort and more gas for the car or more time on the phone but isn’t saving money a good thing in your life?

Practice Dropping

Shopping till you drop will most assuredly lower your healthcare costs and that’s something you can take to the bank.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Robby van Moor


Healthcare abuse is costing us all

Never Put the Bottle Down Till he Stopped Breathing

During my early years of development I worked almost one year for a local hospital. It was located in a community that was experiencing all the signs of a community loosing its tax base, rising crime and a sense of there’s nothing that can be done till we hit bottom; like a drug user trying to quite the habit and knows its not going to happen till the floor rises up and hits him in the face. My Grandfather used to say that alcoholics won't stop drinking until they hit rock bottom. Then their only option is getting better or ending their misery. He watched his son my uncle return from WW2 and never put the bottle down till the day he died. As a child I always sensed a good man lived inside of him but couldn’t find the light of day. Maybe the war did this to him.

I Was Hired as a Maintenance Person, But Helped with Security

I was hired at the hospital as a second shift maintenance person. Since I was the only maintenance person working this shift, thus all building concerns were directed to me.
In today terms this hospital would be classified has a small provider of hospital care. The part of the hospital that got the most activity was the emergency room. Sometimes even today while watching tv I remember my involvement in helping and watching the death of a community thru the eyes of the Emergency Room. My first night on the job was Saturday night and little did I know that this was the busiest night of the week. Normally there would be two security guards on duty but not on my first night, one called in sick. Little did I know my job description would be changing to security guard if the situation called for it.

I Quickly Learned to Duck

I was directed to the Emergency Room where one guard and three nurses were trying to secure an out of mind person with movement restraints I assisted and only received a minor elbow to my chin. I hadn’t learned to duck yet. Lets move forward six months and now I’m a hardened veteran in dealing with the Emergency Room situations. Now I managed the fine art of ducking and weaving when swinging body parts were directed at me.

The Emergency Room Told the Story of the Community

When things were running smoothly I often visited the Emergency Room to enjoy the company of others and help when I could. Doing my tenure in the Emergency Room gave me an up close and personal view of the issues in the community and the abuses inflicted on the hospital that raised the healthcare costs to go thru the roof. I bet at least fifty percent of eligible workers were unemployed in the town where the hospital resided. And because of this the Emergency Room Doctors became a primary source of medical help for the people that lived there.

Abulance Was a Taxi Service

The ambulance service was like a taxi service and many people in medical need used it because it got them faster access to help for themselves or family members. It did at times seem a little ridiculous when an ambulance ride only produced an aspirin to be dispensed.

I Have Experienced Both Sides

Yes I have experienced the wellness of having a full plate of food and also the generosity of those running the soup kitchen at the Salvation Army. So I’m like a coin I have experienced both sides of having and not having. Also I’ve made my share of mistakes and have no right to judge anyone else. So but for the grace of God go me. I find comfort in this phrase because fate guided my steps when I lost track of myself and where I was going.

Weight, Alcohol, Smoking and Drug Abuse are Sky Rocketing Health Care Costs

This story is in part about all of us and the parts we all have played in using or abusing the health care system by not doing our part to stay healthy. Weight, alcohol, smoking and drug abuse is costing us all a large percentage of our income to keep the healthcare boat afloat.

Maybe we all should give more attention to our health and avoid less of the four don’ts.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Joe Shlabotnik

Good Health requires some dirt consumption

I Shoveled Cow Manure

This title reminds me of a time when shoveling cow manure was my primary job while working and residing at a dairy farm. At that time I was sixteen and became part of a family that milked cows for a living. For my services I received room, board and a modest income. I was required to work five days a week and seldom unless an emergency arose worked on weekends. Two hours of work was required before breakfast was consumed. Because early rising was required I frequently fell asleep during the Mickey Mouse tv show in the evening. Dairy farming unlike other forms of farming never let one day pass without attaching the milking receptors to lower the weight of the cows giving milk.

He Said Bull Waste Was Good for You

The milking stalls were arranged in a straight line and cows were on both sides of the line. Stalls or cows stations served three purposes eating, milking and cow waste. I helped make the system flow like clockwork. During my tenure there I never experienced one minute of sickness. My boss attributed that to my shoveling out the bull cage on a regular basis. While pitch forking the bull waste your nose would consume large volumes of penetrating odor that wouldn’t allow a human germ to exist; thus wellness was achieved. I’m sure that this is in part is a line of bull, but I must confess wellness was my companion as long as I forked on. I know the f word resembles another thought but that wasn’t my intention when using it. My fingers are to blame if you’re being critical of my choices of the word. Shakespeare was quoted as saying nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so. So if your thinking my f word is bad maybe your thinking is faulty.

Were Too Clean

Your now probably wondering what all this cow manure has to do with being healthy? I have joined a vast array of intelligent people and have come to the conclusion that humans are too clean and thus aren’t allowing their bodies to develop anti bodies to fight the enemies of the human anatomy. Were becoming a society that cleans itself too much and were passing that madness onto our children. My wife and I used to be one those hand washing soap cops that actively killed bacteria and in the process was hurting ourselves.

The Body Hased to Catch Things to Learn How to Defend Itself

Catching things and developing a defense posture is the way your body fights similar intrusions in the future. Not allowing your body to do this by not playing in the dirt enough can be very unhealthy for you in the future. There is growing evidence that washing in public bathrooms is more harmful then not washing. If you’re moderately careful when using the bathroom you can minimize the interaction with some else’s contamination. Thus you’re pretty much just touching yourself and that’s better then touching the soap dispenser, water faucet and most towel configurations. If I can manage to wash my hands, rinse with the water and get a towel without major touching requirements Ill generally do the washing thing. If this isn’t possible I would rather opt with my own bugs rather then acquiring someone else’s.

Sponges are No Nos

Using sponges for cleaning and not cleaning up after processing uncooked chicken and the like definitely are bad cleaning habits that need to be changed to promote better family health.

Clean in Moderation

Use common sense and don’t apply over kill to the cleaning thing. Interaction with bugs and the like in moderation is a normal and helps your body build up its defenses that help it defend itself in the future against the forces of evil

Don L. Terrill

photo by rsvstks


Saving Bucks may require a Referral

Referrals are Alway Appropriate

If you have a medical need to see a different doctor always have your family doctor give you a referral to see this new doctor. Because if you don’t your medical insurance carrier may require it and if you ignore this requirement you might be paying the entire bill yourself. Now maybe they do or don’t but calling is always a good idea. Because your provider might have suggestions that may impact on your current doctor needs.

Try Mayo's it's Worth It

Years ago I visited Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. And almost didn’t make the visit happen. I like many folks I leaped before I thinking and that’s what happened when I went to Mayo Clinic. During this time I was working for a local municipality and didn’t know a referral was required. Luckily for me the city I worked for allowed my visit to happen and ignored the referral requirement. I had two days of tests done to detect a problem I had and how to solve it. I was awesomely impressed by the speed by which tests and procedures were done.

My First Doctor was my Coordinator

When I first got there they assigned me to a Doctor that would be my coordinator during my visit there. When I met him I explained my problem and that started the ball rolling. He gave me a piece of paper specifying me to go to a certain place and I found this by following a certain colored line marked on the floor. I was a dream come true for me, I don’t follow directions well and boy did this work for me. They first took samples from certain locations on and in my body. Then from there I was referred from one doctor to another and in between more tests and samples were taken.

More Doctors are Better

I didn’t realize that Mayo’s was such a huge facility for training new doctors. I think I heard they had over five hundred doctors at any given time training or working for the hospital. On one adventure following the colored lines I was required to vacate my clothes and put on a hinny-exposing garment. Then they marched me into a rather large oval room and standing in the room was a line of males and females. Then the main doctor gave me a rectal exam via his direction finger, while doing this he was explaining what he was feeling. Then he retreated from me and then asked me if it was ok for the remaining white coated individuals to do likewise. I said yes but felt a tad violated. So one by one they suited up with plastic gloves and so the journey went.

In Days they Found My Problem and Fixed it

For every doctor I saw there were always numerous new bees standing in the wing to probe or learn from my presence. Finally my problem was diagnosed and solved by a small correction in my life. In two days they did more things to me then all my doctors have done in my entire life. And I got results of all my tests except one before I left on my third day. My last test was delivered via certified mail two days after I got home. Is that fast doctor service or what? I can’t find enough words to explain how incredible and comforting this hospital experience was for me. And my problem was minor and easily fixed. If you’re looking for express doctor service with the perfection of hundreds of doctors I would highly recommend the Mayo Clinic. Oh and don’t forget to get your referral before you push the gas pedal.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Mulad


Wear a weight lift belt

I Learned the Art of Painting

In my early years I had a job helping this guy paint, which involved mainly painting rental apartments. It was a good job and the gentlemen took a great deal of time explaining the fine art of painting. Of course back then in the dark ages we still used oil base paint. Using this type of paint required more skill, then the latex stuff of today.

Lifted and Hurt My Stomach

Before painting an apartment we would do a lot of preparation, which included moving refrigerators out of their regular place so that we could paint behind them. Some painters only painted what you could see, my boss took pride in what he did and painted it whether you could see it or not. While moving one of these refrigerators I caused a puncture in part of my stomach liner and required surgery to patch it up. My boss contributed into the Workmen’s Compensation System and that paid for my medical bills and also replaced my lost wages while I couldn’t work.

Safety Prevention Wasn't in Yet

Back then safety issues weren’t pushed like they are in present time. Now days you see workers everywhere wearing weight safety belts. The last time I was in Lowe’s all the floor helpers seemed to be wearing belts. I think insurance companies and government regulations are requiring such wearing apparel today, if you’re involved in heavy lifting situations.

It's Worth the Trouble

Now you maybe like a lot of people and say no way I’m not going to all that trouble. Well you know what? It’s worth the trouble in more ways then you realize. Like all injuries there maybe affects that wont crop up till years later and then maybe you don’t realize what caused it and have to pay most or at least part of your expenses out of you pocket and wont be able to recoup your losses.

A Fatal Mistake Cost Him Dearly

I used to meet an acquaintance at this local Pub and we shared war stories, which as the night continued the stories became more unbelievable. He had his own independent moving business and by his own admission never bothered to use anything like weight safety belts. We parted as storytellers because I moved to a different state. Then one day while visiting my previous state I stop at the same beer place and low and behold there was my drinking buddy again. But now he was on the other side of the bar bartending to the needs of storytellers like we used to be. And that wasn’t the only thing that had changed now were both older and partly bruised from making bad decisions. I had a couple issues with my body and one was the slight bulge in my stomach area and an aching right foot once in while because I stepped in a gofer hole while golfing one time and caused a thin hairline fracture in the upper part of my foot. But my injuries paled in comparison to his. Now by story telling buddy was humped over a little like the actor in the movie called the Hunch Back of Notre Dame. He said what will you have? I responded by saying Bud Light and I don’t think our eyes even met. While sitting there curiosity got the best of me and knowing the owner I asked him what happened to Jim? The owner said Jim injured himself by moving a piano by himself one time and has slowly tilted forward every since and ended up the way he is now. I think somewhere in the corner of my brain when I entered the bar I was hoping to run into Jim and share stories but that didn’t happen and I’m sad it didn’t. Jim was a great storyteller but failed to heed the warnings of others and didn’t properly prepare himself when he lifted things.

Good Ahead Put the Item On

Be smart and do the right thing, that’s required to keep yourself healthy, wealthy and wise.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Malingering